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  • Hello Team,
    I want genuine Test Case Document and Test Scenario Document related to any Project..
    Please share

  • hi,

    Is it possible to install an app from Google play store to Android Emulator ?

  • @ Vijay, Chek this out......


  • What is the error state in Mobile Application testing?

    we cant go for further testing

    can any one tell me tat.

    Ex: in web testing  The error state like  tat 404.

  • i am new to Android platform testing , can anybody help me hw to start frm basic..please share the documents frm basics...

  • i am not sure but if you are talking about MonkeyTalk (open source mobile app testing tool), then Click here

    Writing script in MonkeyTalk
    Before we start writing scripts let us understand the syntax of MonkeyTalk’s scripting language Syntax: The entire info given below ...
  • Hi ,

    Can anyone suggest me better way of monkey testing .

  • Hi friends, it is my pleasure to join this group, and glad to meet you all here.

  • Hi folks,

    i am a fresher and i am new to Android platform testing , can anybody help me hw to start frm basic..please share the documents frm basics...



  • Hey Anurag I desperately want to work on Android testing, I have little experience in android development and in testing I have experience of Selenium tool also.

    Please provide me detailed information for participation

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Hands-On Mobile App Testing is available

Hi all,maybe you have already seen my book about mobile testing: „Hands-On Mobile App Testing“. Within this book I covered lots of mobile testing topics. The book contains lots of examples and ideas, that came to my mind when working with and testing mobile apps. The following topics are covered:- What's special about mobile testing?- Introduction to mobile devices and apps- Challenges in mobile testing- How to test mobile apps- Mobile test automation and tools- Additional mobile testing…

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Which one is the best antivirus for Android?

From time and again, great innovations have propelled mankind to another level. One such invention, mobile phones, took man to the pinnacle of communication. Considered a boon to modern civilization, mobile phone technology is growing at a fast rate as does mobile malware. As per a recent report, Androids are 3 times more vulnerable to malware than they were few months ago. The report further said that nearly 50% of Android users don't use screen passwords. Your mobile stores personal data,…

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Clicking on Image/Logo button !!!

Hi,I need to know that how should I click on image button on screen whose index is not known.Actually it is a logo button but it appear to be a image button. I'm not sure about it.Please let me know how to do it. Please find the snapshot for reference.In snap, I have mentioned steps.Kindly provide me solutions as soon as possible.

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