• Hello nimesh,

    u have 2 choice...

    if the build is on server then u can go to the server link & select build for installation...

    another option is already explain by some other experts....

    saurabh gupta


  • Installing Mobile Applications on the emulator or the phone.

    We can test the Mobile Applications on both emulator and phone. If emulator, it should be started. If mobile phone, it should be plug to the computer. After that we should go to the DOS and type “adb devices” to check whether  emulator or the phone is started.

    Then type “adb install path-to-the-desired-apks\desired-apk-name.apk” to install Mobile Application.


    If you have an older version of the Mobile Application already installed, then type following to install new version.

    “adb install -r path-to-the-desired-apks\desired-apk-name.apk”


    After install the Mobile Applications it displays in the menu of emulator or phone. By click on the application we can start testing.

  • one of the simplest way to install an .apk file is directly locate the app file if checking from lcoal system using localhost URL or put the file in any location accessible through URL and directly call the URL by launching the Emulator using AVD availbale in SDK --> Tools.


    Hope this process is very much simpler and doesn't need any complex procedures.




  • I assume you already have Eclipse + Android SDK Environment setup completed.
    1. Open Command Prompt
    2. cd to path where you have extract Android SDK . Ex: cd C:\android-sdk-windows\tools
    3. Copy the .APK package under test into TOOLS folder of Android SDK.
    4. Run the AVD (Emulator) , (Wait till you see the Home screen on Emulator.)
    5. Now type following command at the Command Prompt Window:
    C:\Android-Sdk-Windows\Tools\> adb install SampleApp.apk (replace sampleapp with you applicaiton name
    which you copied in step 3)
    6. At command prompt you can see as "Success" once installation is done.
    Now check in emulator you have the SampleApp installed :)

    Hope it helps...

  • → go to the location where you have put your SDK.

    → open SDK folder(i.e android-sdk-windows-1.0_r1) by double clicking on it

    → open tools folder

    → double click on emulator which has android icon( emulator.exe) it will run emulator of android

    → open command prompt, go to the following prompt

    cd "your-path\android-sdk-windows-1.0_r1\tools"

    → run following command to install apk file

    adb install your-path\AppName.apk

    → now you can run application from emulator

  • Hi Nimesh,

    First of all sorry for the late reply.
    For my application i did it through Eclipse. Below link from Android site explains you on how to do that.

    Priyanka. K
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