Mobile-Testing IQ can any one answers these?

=>what is field testing?


=>what is carrier validation testing?

=>what is interrut testing?

=>What is memory leak in the devices/mobile ?

=>What is end to end testing on mobile application?

=>What is regression testing? In mobile?

=>What is retesting?

=> What is a 404 erorr? Have you got this type of error in Mobile testing?

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  • Thanks Ruma Dak.....These are IQ i faced in first week of december 2012

  • Field Testing is like testing the application in real life you expect your end user to use it. It might not be applicable to all applications.


    Carrier Validation... i assume you are testing the app performance on difference carriers.


    Interruption testing: Its verifying your application when it is interrupted by: calls, SMSs, Notifications, battery low notifications, reminders etc.

    Memory Leak: Its when an allocated memory is not freed up by the application and its hogs up the performance: of application and is severe can affect the device as well.


    End to End Testing: If your app talks to a server, then fetching data from server, processing it, persisting it and sending back to server.


    Regression Testing: same as generic regression testing.


    404 Error: These error codes are the generic HTMLErrors and apply to any application which uses internet. You can get a list on internet.

  • => In your Mobile application collect the data from backend database & gives to it?  Or  it is everything done on the phone?

    =>what types of different TESTS you do in mobile application testing? explain each with example?

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