• hello...

    can u plz describe ur query, so i will find any result for it.... i am not sure which type hardware using ....

    hope u explain it, dear ... so i will try for that

    saurabh gupta

  • Hardware test is very big arena, in short i can explain you.

    android mobile have linux kernel which is the base for any chipset

    libraries, which provides a drivers for handset

    application framework which have the have all API levels for any application.

    and then applications which is nothing but mobile software tests.


    so when you check any hardware you should have thorough understanding of the libraries, and kernel so that u can check the each component. you should have some knowledge on driver testing and for that some OS knowledge and embeded script knowledge is must.

    cos in hardware testing, mostly one will be testing the components of the device so you got to have have knowledge on boot system, flash system, filesystem, etc. if i start writing i can create a whole website on it. :P


    i would endorse you have specific area that i can answer on.

  • I didn't get it correctly. Why do you want to test the hardware? & which hardware of android handset you want to test?



This reply was deleted.
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