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The API Economy

You hear a lot about the digital, online, cloud, and app economies these days. Business analysts, journalists, and bloggers have successfully used these terms to describe the transformation that has been occurring over the last……


Introducing Team Discovery

Teams are increasingly using Postman to collaborate on APIs. With team workspaces and collections, you can discuss and contribute to API projects in conjunction with stakeholders, all within the same environment as your development and……


Intermediate API Skills: Reference Collections

Postman collections are versatile machine-readable representations of what is possible with an API. As with other formats like OpenAPI and RAML, Postman Collections allow you to define the surface area of an API, providing a……


Sweet cosmic karma for your public profile

It’s time to polish up that profile! Postman is announcing public profiles, so you can finally get credit for all those helpful collections you’ve shared with the rest of the Postman community. And if you like……


Postman Collections As API Contracts

If you follow the API sector, you may have heard the phrase “API contracts.” Many people refer to machine-readable API definitions like Swagger, OpenAPI, Postman collections, or RAML as API contracts. This is in reference……


How to Monitor Postman Collections with APImetrics

One of the challenges that developers often face is providing detailed performance stats and alerts to management, stakeholders and even regulators – all while continuing to design, develop and evolve their APIs within Postman, the……

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