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Blackberry Messenger 5.0 Stress Test

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  • Yes, Capture IT is cool app used to take screenshots in BB appl.. .
  • Hi Arun,

    You can do this using a Blackberry application called "Capture It". You need to install this app on your device and then you can click snapshots of your device screen. I myself have used this app for BB 8900 testing and few other handsets. Its really a cool app and useful for testing.

    Download link:

    Usage link:




  • Is there any way to capture the screen shot of an application in Blackberry devices while executing it?
  • @Saurabh You are Right saurav ...but one thing I wana let you know that Testing Smartphone like BB are great fun too as compared to feature phones....:)
  • I am doing the mobile banking application testing on Blackberry mobile handset. I heard alot about BB but i can say application testing in BB mobile in not the easy task. i have done the testing on  some other handset also but testing in BB handset is more hard bcz OS, Screen layout, handset modle, keyboard are total different in blackberry.

  • Hi ,I have to test my project app in  blackberry device  as anyone have idea how to install the app and DB in emulator or device..any instructions or ideas pls suggest
  • hello All
    I'm almost going to Change my path inside the company to BB applications
    so, could any one help me and direct me to an Automated tools for BB Mobile applications
  • Hi Nimesh Can you please elaborate.Can you please explain about WIFI-BES, BIS, WAP, TCP/IP testing and how do you go about it,
  • You are right.But anyways Blackberry has its own charm.Blackberry Bold a bit good device to test
  • Hi,
    Yes are right!,
    Even-in non touch..
    Try to use app in WIFI-BES, BIS, WAP, TCP/IP
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