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  • Hi Anand,

    Can you tell how to check the domain pointing build for iphone.

  • Hi friends.......
  • I would like to compile a list of cities in the US/World that have no airport in their close vicinity, for negative testing I am currently performing on my App - appreciate your input. 


    Here are two that I have right now for the list:

    - Acton, MT, USA

    - Johannesburg, AK, USA

  • Hi to all the members...
  • Hi to all
  • If you look at &  you may get the list
  • I should have also stated that I would bring the mobile device in and out of making wireless contact, multiple times during the same download/upload to see how it recovered from a disconnect while recovering from a disconnect.
  • If the app was able to download or upload, I would take the device into the elevator or some other place where the wireless signal dropped and bring it back out to a re-connect. The point was to see how how gracefully the software would or would not recover from the interruption.
  • Tnx Anand and Apoorva for sharing the information 

    1 We Can interrupt the App by Calling and Sending the messages 

    2 We Can do multiple activity  like Click on Both buttons at same instances 

    3 Force close the application and Open 

    4 Network OFF and ON if App depend on Message. 

    5 Foreground like Sending the Application Back ground and Do some actions (Iphone 4g) 

  • Hi,I want to know while testing touch screen mobile what all things I should keep in mind? I know the things like Data input through QWERTY keyboard,resolution and the mode like portrait and landscape we have to test. But pls help me out to find out other things.
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mobile field testing

sir please let me know that what is field testing,how is it performed and how to select users that can test in field.on which ground we select users for field testing ,how is it possible that we can perform testing in every city or every place of country .i am not able to understand.please help me.

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The Challenges faced when testing mobile apps

Hi All,I wanted to share my exp reg the challenges when testing mobile apps.Testing a mobile app is very similar yet different from testing any web based application. At the heart of it, testing the two would follow the STLC yet scope/number of platforms on which the two are tested draws them apart.Normally, to test a web application, the scope of testing is confined tolimited browsers; whereas while testing a mobile app, the scope isenormous and varies according to the platform the app…

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