mobile field testing

sir please let me know that what is field testing,how is it performed and how to select users that can test in field.

on which ground we select users for field testing ,how is it possible that we can perform testing in every city or every place of country .i am not able to understand.please help me.


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  • Thanks for sharing the knowledge..

  • Hi Naresh,

    What I mean to here is field tester should have enough knowledge on Network configuration , means during drive if he wants to use the data services like browsing, mms , then he should be able to configure the operator APN settings to use them.These APN settings are shared by operators globally.

    Generally the drive route will be identified based on the operator network locations.The drive route ensures the all operator locations are covered and different kind of signal strengths are covered or not.This information is generally provided by the local operators.




  • Hi Naveen,

    Field Testing is  Testing performed on a specific device, handset or instrument in the defined region(FIELD).

    •It is also called as the actual results of the lab test cases performed in the live network.

    •Field test should not be considered as End user perspective testing.

    •Field testing is important phase in deciding the product launch.
    And the Field tester should take following points into consideration:
    •Field tester need to have a good specifications knowledge about the handset.  
    •Field tester should have the important market updates with respect to operator and network.
    •Log analysis is the mandate activity of the field tester.
    •Need to have the knowledge about the network configuration of the local operators.
    •Field tester always need a competitor or other vendor phone or different product line phone for reference.
    Drive route identification is the important aspect in field testing, it decides which operator area should be covered and what all are the test scenarios to be executed in the drive route etc.
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