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I wanted to share my exp reg the challenges when testing mobile apps.

Testing a mobile app is very similar yet different from testing any web based application. At the heart of it, testing the two would follow the STLC yet scope/number of platforms on which the two are tested draws them apart.Normally, to test a web application, the scope of testing is confined tolimited browsers; whereas while testing a mobile app, the scope isenormous and varies according to the platform the app supports.Categorizing this as a challenge that a Mobile App Tester faces, hereare few more that I would like to share in the same context:

  • Testing the app on all the physical devices that it supports may not be feasible at all the times due to various constraints and has to be hence prioritized.
  • A strategic approach to testing mobile solutions takes into account a number of characteristics unique to the mobile platform and supported OS.
  • Ideally, the functionality of the app or the user experience is expected to remain consistent across multiple devices of similar/varying platforms. Hence compatibility of the app to these becomescritical, calling the need of the app to be tested across multipledevices/platforms the app supports.
  • And in some cases, there might be chance of inconsistency in terms of functionality across multiple devices of same platform.
  • Even though you are testing on same platform, there might be discrepancies across multiple OS versions of devices.
  • GPRS connectivity would be inconsistent and mostly very bad during the peak hours (mostly 6-10pm), which may lead to inconsistent results.
  • As we cannot test on all physical devices, sometimes we may end up testing on simulators, on which we cannot rely completely.
  • The increased and continuous launch of new devices into market

you can find the same at http://mobiapptesting.blogspot.com/


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  • Here is a nice infographic on the challenges of mobile app testing:http://blog.ubertesters.com/the-challenges-of-mobile-app-testing-in...

  • Some more challenges

    1. UI testing in LDPI, MDPI, HDPI screen resoultion devices. You may faces UI breaks in Lower screen resolution devices

    2. Memory consumption may differ from higher end(HTC one X) and lower end devices (Samsung galaxy y)

    3. Network connectivity also differs from higher end and lower end devices

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  • When device is not available then we test the application on Device Anywhere or Perfecto mobile.. which sometimes test our patience..

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