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Impact the future of mobile communications:

Three fundamental dimensions impact the future of mobile communications:

1. Access: the ability for individuals to utilize both voice and data mobile communications ubiquitously

2.Applications/Platforms: the value added services and capabilities available to end-users
which would be an extension of the larger public Internet
Key applications for improving the state of the world would include health, education and financial services.

3.Data Ownership (and Associated Personal Rights): the information generated and gathered on individual behaviours and transactions.

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Please Click on Link below-To see how can mobile can be gracefully utilize to work in medical sector

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  • Hey Can anyone give me list of Mobile automation Tools.?

  • Thanks for everyone for posting useful topics
  • what is the scope of mobile application testing
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The top 10 consumer mobile applications in 2012 will include :

Looking into today progress shown in market, I have gather some information regarding in future mobile application demand and scope.......... with ranking. I m \Back...........on mobileqazone   :) No. 1: Money Transfer This service allows people to send money to others using Short Message Service (SMS). Its lower costs, faster speed and convenience compared with traditional transfer services have strong appeal to users in developing markets, and most services signed up several million users…

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Looking for challenging Career in Mobile Health Domain !!! Check This.....

The Vignet Connected Health Services platform enables the convergence ofhealth information across multiple medical devices, mobile phones, PHRs,EMRs, and eHealth and social media platforms. The information isaggregated in an application server such as WebSphere® Sensor Events inthe cloud. From there it can be distributed to a variety ofdestinations, including EMRs, PHRs, and community and collaborationtools like SMS, Facebook, Twitter, and OpenSocial.Vignet’s platform works with most mobile…

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Mobile Healthcare Applications

The time has just really changed.The time has just changed when people were using there mobile phones for just  SMS,Call or even just for Social Networking(Popular Nowdays).Now mobile phones are really going far away than this.Mobile Healthcare Application are finding immerging market for the same.Now doctors can keep track of heartbeats of there patients right up in there Mobile Phone,Now Mobile Applications lets user know there blood sugar level and so on.   Following are some android apps…

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MOCOM 2020 - The Future of Mobile Media and Communication.

Mobile phone technology is advancing rapidly, but what can people expectto be using in 2020? What will their mobile be able to do and what willit look like? Nokia has collaborated with Industrial Design studentsfrom Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London to comeup with some ideas.also i have come across this article...Please see this interesting one.....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FScddkTMlTcAll Friends,What you think about future of Mobile technology???.Lets Start…

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