Mobile Healthcare Applications

The time has just really changed.The time has just changed when people were using there mobile phones for just  SMS,Call or even just for Social Networking(Popular Nowdays).Now mobile phones are really going far away than this.Mobile Healthcare Application are finding immerging market for the same.Now doctors can keep track of heartbeats of there patients right up in there Mobile Phone,Now Mobile Applications lets user know there blood sugar level and so on.


Following are some android apps for Mobile Healthcare which are just an example of it.

1. Epocrates Rx
2. Calculate by QxMD
3. PubMed Mobile
4. Skyscape Medical Resources
5. Relief Central
6. Mini Nurse - Lite
7. Hospital Intel
8. USA Graduate School: Medical
9. National Comprehensive Cancer Network Guidelines
10. iTriage Mobile Health
11. Heart Rate Monitor
12. Glucose Meter
13. MedPage Today Mobile
14. Prescriber's Letter
15. FierceMarkets


I think this market is suppose to go further with new evolution.

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  • Adding more-

    The potential benefits of mHealth solutions have been widely discussed for over a decade, the market never emerged from the trial phase. Smartphone applications will enable the mHealth industry to successfully reach out to 500m of a total 1.4bn smartphone users in 2015 the new “Global Mobile Health Market Report 2010-2015”


    More ref link:



    Santosh G

  • It's a good addition Sanjog.Mobile Health Monitoring is among the top ten ideas which is finding markertplace in Mobile Domain.
  • Thanks Anurag,
    As a Part of Mobile health care- I would like to add some points -
    1)Health record on Phone.
    2)Health information across multiple medical devices, mobile phones, PHRs, EMRs, and eHealth and social media platforms.
    3)Distributed to a variety of destinations, including EMRs, PHRs, and community and collaboration tools like SMS, Social network.
    4)Health Services platform offers users the flexibility to share and access medical information at their convenience with their device of choice.

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