There are many things that emulators cannot do.


Moving around like real people for instance.


Or Issues involving applications in other cultures you may not understand. Language Issues.

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  • Hi,

    Localizability. How economical will it be to adapt the product for other places?
    - Regulations: Are there different regulatory or reporting requirements over state or national borders?
    - Language: Can the product adapt easily to longer messages, right-to-left, or ideogrammatic script?
    - Money: Must the product be able to support multiple currencies? Currency exchange?
    - Social or cultural differences: Might the customer find cultural references confusing or insulting?



  • In Emulator we cant test the Location based testing, but in device we can test the Location based testing...

    1. It should default display current location, we can verify this by using lat and long in logs 

    2. Move the application from one place to another location, location should be changed, verify this by using lat and long in logs 

    3. Change to airplane mode and airplane mode to normal (ie GPRS) it should display current location

    4. Keep in airplnae mode change the location by moving the application and change to normal mode, application should be display current mode.

    Note: It wont identifies exact loation

    Localization issues..

    1. We cant unerstand the text 

    2. Every time we have to use google translator to understand the text 

    3. Testing the application by using Logos or symbols of an application 

    i have added few scenarios, please add more 



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Mimic GPS tracking

Hello All,Got a new project to work on, which consists of feature where app should track truck driver's current location using GPS tracking and this should be live tracking so as end user can track every move along the route on the map (similar to Olacabs allows its passengers to share their real-time information of their rides with anyone by sharing a link that tracks the cab on a map.)Is there any way to mimic this tracking by just providing pick up co-ordinates and drop off / destination…

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