This group will help us to discuss more about the QA & Testing part which is common in Mobile Apps testing.

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  • Hi All,

    With the speed that mobile handsets and operating systems are changing, resources required for mobile application testing can exponentially increase. Please refer to this link for the latest mobile testing techniques available in market:


    Quality That Creates Value”

    QASource delivers your own experienced QA team, a comprehensive QA infrastructure focused on efficiency and excellence, and a new, multi-million-dollar lab.

  • If anyone is interested in Mobile App Testing Training. Testing4Success have their Mobile App Testing Associate e-learning certification at 50% off:

    Mobile App Testing Training - Mobile App QA e-Learning and Certification
    The internationally recognized mobile app QA training e-learning course. Allowing established, and those new to software testing to effectively test…
  • MonkeyTalk is open source Automation tool for Android and iOS. I have summarized the configuration, set-up, Integration, Sample codes etc on group 'MonkeyTalk (Android,iOS Automation Tool)'

    You can get everything there. Click here

  • JSON is one which is used to interact with  back end and application... JSON contains same amount of information irrespective of devices...

  • thanks Manish for creating this group!!!

  • What is the process to upload the App on iPhone without having Xcode?
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Mobile Apps Testing Online Training | iPhone, Android Application Testing Training

In the recent years, the mobile application users have exponentially grown. Almost business’s IT sections have their own sister-part, the mobile application. The importance of IT systems is not news to any of us. Similarly mobile applications have to be thoroughly tested also because they are equally(if not more) important to the businesses.In addition to functionality and performance, mobile apps undergo testing based on different devices, networks, data packages, internal memory restrictions,…

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Hands-On Mobile App Testing is available

Hi all,maybe you have already seen my book about mobile testing: „Hands-On Mobile App Testing“. Within this book I covered lots of mobile testing topics. The book contains lots of examples and ideas, that came to my mind when working with and testing mobile apps. The following topics are covered:- What's special about mobile testing?- Introduction to mobile devices and apps- Challenges in mobile testing- How to test mobile apps- Mobile test automation and tools- Additional mobile testing…

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Three Reasons Behind Inadequate Testing of Mobile Applications

Testing organizations are not serious about mobile apps Many of the testing organizations look at mobile apps as “mini smartphone apps”.  Steve Woodward from Cloud Perspectives said that many testing organizations have a mentality that the applications should work and it wouldn’t be a big problem if there are defects in the application. Testing organizations shouldn’t have this type of mentality as many of the applications that are flooding the market today are designed keeping in mind the…

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