Hi All,

Lets start a testing related quiz. Ask/Post  the question (if u know the answer then only ask ). 

lets test the testing strategy of others .

Ask simple or complex questions.

Ask 1 word or detailed ans question.

its all your choice. 

Thanks In advance,


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  • Guys, you can also post quiz, don't wait for me  :)

  • Kunal, thanks for sharing the info

  • Hello Guys,

    I am not sure but I came to know this way to install the .apk file if you don't have android SDK on your machine and don't want to use OTA Option.


    1. visit  open2go.com  on your phone and add it homescreen.
    2. visit http://open2go.com  , input apk link and push button. ( it generate 4 digits).
    3.  input 4 digits to open2go on your phone.
    4. download apk, install

  • Hello Quiz members,

    Thanks for joining here, lets keep the group alive 

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For how much time will the logs of uninstalled apk files be retained in device?

Hi all,I need info on this. Consider below scenario?1)On 1st Jan, 2013, I installed an app on my android device. On 31st July 2013, I uninstalled it.In between this time period, I used this app daily. For sure, there will be lot of logs created and stored in the device.Can I find logs created on very first day (1st Jan, 2013)?If not, what is the frequency of deleting the logs?2) I installed same app on android and ios device. What would be test strategy/test criteria/ test cases in both the…

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