• Hello Divya,

    Shortest path to unsign a singed apk file is to just execute the command:

    zip -d yourapp.apk "META-INF*" 

    This will remove the meta-inf directory from your package.
  • Quiz resolved finally,

    Thanks for the participation :)

  • To un-signed a signed application download java program from double click on it to open it and drop apk file on it
    * Un-zip the apk file
    * Delete the META-¬INF folder
    * Re‐zip the apk file

    It will zip file as "" <>, rename it and make it as "applicationName.apk"<applicationname.apk>
    * In Dos prompt/Terminal write following commands

    > jarsigner -keystore ~/.android/debug.keystore -storepass android -keypass android
    applicationName.apk androiddebugkey
    > zipalign 4
    applicationName.apk TempApplicationName.apk

    Then rename TempApplicationName.apk to applicationName.apk if you need.
    Rajkumar. M
  • in eclipse u ve the option of creating a unsigned application package.. under tools u will find this option.. " Export Unsigned Application Package".. and in android phone u need to do the following..

    settings->Applications->check unknown sources("Allow installation of non-market applications")

    Thus dis would solve the prob.. 

  •  open the .APK file using a ZIP client and delete the META-INF manually

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