This group deals with mobile automation testing tools. Anybody working on automation tools/frameworks can share his/her experiences in this group. We will also review some of the tools available in the market in the coming time.
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Announcement->Mobile Apps Auotmation Tools:-Exploration,Reviews &Forming a Team

Hello Friends,



I was just thinking to have an exploration activity for various Mobile automation tools one by one and then sharing their reviews/learning here on Mobile QA Zone.For this we all can work as a team,a common task or activity will be taken and then we can just initiate this process.We can also talk to tool vendors for providing suitable help and demo if required.WHAT DO YOU SAY?


For now I am keeping following tools on our agenda-

  1. Robotium(Android)
  2. Fonemonkey(Iphone)

Later we can take up-

  • Meux-QTP
  • TestQuest
  • Deviceanywhere automation
  • Perfectomobile automation
  • See Test
  • Tplan Robot
  • Sikuli
  • Cucumber

You can also add the tool that you want.We can take it further step by step.

I think as a Team we have better opportunity to learn.By this we can-

  1. Learn Mobile Automation Testing
  2. As a team we can come up with better analysis of tools
  3. Exchange the necessary material for mobile test automation
  4. We can talk to automation tool vendors on behalf of Mobile QA Zone to have demo about their so that we can get initial Idea about automation.
  5. This is an initiative.So we can learn from our experiences and experiments.
  6. We can learn scripting languages required for automation.
  7. Monthly/weekly meetup via Skype so that we can explore opportunities and our learning.
  8. No fees/No cost, just a small learning effort.

LET me know if any one interested.We can move further on this.Let it be if it becomes a team of 2 or 20 :) :) It(count)really doesn't matter.




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  • Hi group,

       Looks this is group is in existence for  a while. I am seeing discussion forum only. Where can I look for content?

    Am I missing something. 

  • I'm developing automation mobile test framework for company.

    Will support iOS/Android system, shorten the test cycle from 2 weeks to 2 days.

  • Hi, I'm Vlad and I'll be supporting Bsquare tools for mobile test automation here. They are: TestQuest Pro, Test Quest 10 and CountDown.

    To clarify the difference in short: CountDown is a diagram-based tool, TestQuest Pro is a C-language-based tool and TestQuest 10 is a new C#-based tool.

    Feel free to ask me questions! :-)



  • Very good group for us to share our learning here and start learning more in mobile app testing.

    Please let me know further details.

  • Hi EveryOne can you help me i am got this ClassNotFoundException
    While running the android JunitTest using Robotium
    [2013-02-28 12:42:04 - Tesproj] Test run failed: Instrumentation run failed due to 'java.lang.ClassNotFoundException'

  • Is there anyone have knowledge of SEE TEST tool????

    reply soon

  • App testing is costing a lot of times. I know there is one tool called ' Scirocco Cloud". It is cloud based real device auto testing tool. Compare to Perfectomobile. it is much cheaper. 

  • MonkeyTalk is open source Automation tool for Android and iOS. I have summarized the configuration, set-up, Integration, Sample codes etc on group 'MonkeyTalk (Android,iOS Automation Tool)


    You can get everything there. (Click here)

  • You might have a look at Ranorex which is a test automation framework for mobile devices as well as desktop applications. You can create automated tests on real devices as well as emulators without the need of writing any line of code but by simply recording the test actions on the device or emulator.

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Looking for Mobile Test Automation Expert

If there is anyone who is epert and can conduct online Training on Following Tools on following or any other Mobile Test Automation tools then let me know: -Robotium -Monkey Talk -Appium -Calabash -SeeTest -Zap Fix -Silk Mobile -MeuX -Test Plant or Any other known open source and commercial Tools

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