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Hi Guys,

Could any one throw focus on the tools to test the Mobile applications on real devices? For cloud what are the considerations to be taken?

Like Maintainance support, QTP Plugin, Platforms supported, cost etc., is there a consolidated list and matrix to compare them in a table?

Any help in this direction would be of great help instead of reinventing everything. 



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  • Hi Ganesh,

    thanks for the reply. Can you please share a table format with comparison criteria vs the tool?  That would be of some help.



  • while testing the mobile apps on real devices :


    chk for the UI functionality as few controls wont be rendered in mobile devices. as in like blackberry alwz a challenging device for both dev and testers.


    tools r dr which simplify ur regular testing.

    for cloud the contracts need to be verified. check for the req documents. although the functionality needs to be tested, yet security testing is the vital part of integrated testing. apply the os concepts and check for the scheduling capacity of various servers. performance and load of multiple servers can be tested. for a init start up go through loadstorm or any open source application for testing cloud apps. soasta is going to become the master of cloud testing. so go through their webinars for a in depth cloud testing scenarios.

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