• Monkey Talk would help u... but it is still in beta release... so it has few issues and bugs

  • Hi Manish,

    common tool for iOS & Android is "MonkeyTalk", you can record/playback also you will generate maonkey script & JavaScript test-case,   but you need source code to run the app and generate the script. It is open source tool.

    Also there is another tool called eggPlant but it is paid...

  • You need to have SVN installed on your machine.

    If you are behind any firewall, make sure you have a proxy for the same.

    check the issue i am facing :

  • Thanks...

    I install the required installer like ant, jdk and editor... could you please help me to down load the NativeDriver ... there is path with SVN but i am not able to connect that.:(

    V Annamaneni said:

    Try this : NativeDriver

  • i am using PhoneMonkey for the same.

    kalyan kumar said:


    Now are you using any tool for iOS

  • Try this : NativeDriver

  • Hi 

    Now are you using any tool for iOS

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