• SeeTest is a great automation tool that works (not exclusively) with the Android platform

    • Identifies objects by Native ID and Web properties (high test maintenance)
    • Secure- uses onsite cloud as opposed to tools such as PerfectoMobile
    • Does not jailbreak devices
    • supports all device functionalities

    Check it out at

    vignesh said:

    Scirocco and RoboElectri   They are good tools apart from that provides some good platform for testing android

    hope it helps

  • Scirocco and RoboElectri   They are good tools apart from that provides some good platform for testing android

    hope it helps

  • Check out Ranorex as well.

    Ranorex is a test automation framework for Android, web and desktop. You can direclty record and replay your test scenarios on your mobile devices.

  • There is one another tool - Monkey for android apps automation.
  • Yeah perfecto is one of the good automation tool.
  • Perfecto Mobile Android Testing Cloud

    Perfecto Mobile's MobileCloud is a 100% web-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform enabling testers and developers to easily access multitude of REAL mobile handsets and tablets connected to LIVE mobile networks spread in different geo-locations. The MobileCloud™ allows organizations to streamline development, testing, support and monitoring processes; perform more tests on each handset; and ensure optimal compatibility of the application, site or service on more handsets, networks and locations. As a result, customers gain better quality testing, shorter time-to-market and overall reduction in costs and logistical efforts. The MobileCloud is a 100% web-based solution which requires no client installation.

    The MobileCloud-Automation allows users to execute automated testing on real handsets and tablets located anywhere in the world. Users can automate their testing using the intuitive web-based user interface, which allows the creation of keyword-based ScriptOnce™ scripts. Once the scripts are done, users anywhere in the world can access the devices and run the scripts.

    Intelligent handset control
    Functional automated scripting is all about efficacy. Script creation efforts should be as such that it will be cost-effective to use. The Mobilecloud-Automation addresses this using a tiers layer, enabling users to create simple scripts and maintain them.

    “Text/Image” selection – allows simple and intuitive method for pressing virtual locations on touch handsets based on text or image analysis. The system automatically finds those elements, even if their location changes, without any change to the script itself

    Text typing – regardless of the method implemented by the handset (physical or virtual keyboard, different languages, capitalization), simple type text function hides the complexity of any string typing

    Keyboard Driven Virtual Functions - In addition to intelligent functions, the system also enables the creation of logical functions (such as “login into my application”) with multiple possible implementations determined by the target handset. Powerful ruling mechanism allows the user to select functions based on specific argument (such as model and version) or on a more generic approach (such as operating system). Users can create logical scripts and implement the logical building blocks per new handset or platform.

    Advanced scripting capabilities - With grouping, nested scripts, virtual functions and comments, script reading and maintenance is easy and clear, reducing the work of maintaining the script over time.

    OCR Based Text Validation - The OCR-based text validation exposes range of possibilities, incorporating several sophisticated algorithms it allows robust text matching, which takes into consideration the natural flow of optical character recognitions. Creation of keyword scripts was never

    MobileCloud for QTP is a complete solution for automated functional and regression testing of mobile applications within HP's QuickTest Professional (QTP) product. MobileCloud for QTP seamlessly integrates native QuickTest Professional scripting and flow control with Perfecto Mobile's comprehensive cloud-based automated mobile testing solution




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