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I was just thinking to have exploration activity for various Mobile automation tools one by one and then sharing their Reviews here on Mobile QA Zone & on our other sites.For this we all can work as a team,a common task or activity will be taken and then we can just initiate this process.We can also talk to tool vendors for providing suitable help and demo if required.WHAT DO YOU SAY?


For now I am keeping following tools on our agenda-

  1. Robotium(Android)
  2. Fonemonkey(Iphone)

Later we can take up-

  • Meux-QTP
  • TestQuest
  • Deviceanywhere automation
  • Perfectomobile automation
  • See Test
  • Tplan Robot
  • Sikuli
  • Cucumber

You can also add the tool that you want.We can take it further step by step.

I think as a Team we have better opportunity to learn.By this we can-

  1. Learn Mobile Automation Testing
  2. As a team we can come up with better analysis of tools
  3. Exchange the necessary material for mobile test automation
  4. We can talk to automation tool vendors on behalf of Mobile QA Zone to have demo about their so that we can get initial Idea about automation.
  5. This is an initiative.So we can learn from our experiences and experiments.
  6. We can learn scripting languages required for automation.
  7. Monthly/weekly meetup via Skype so that we can explore opportunities and our learning.
  8. No fees/No cost, just a small learning effort.

LET me know if any one interested.We can move further on this.Let it be if it becomes a team of 2 or 20 :) :) It(count)really doesn't matter.




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  • could u include iOS OCunit testing and Android Junit testing tools aswell to the list?

  • I'm intrested

  • Hi Anurag,

    Its really good for everyones whos interested to learn automation on mobile. As requested by other can we have  this session video as I have missed it.

    Anurag Khode said:

    Thanks Everyone...I will come up with some plan on this in soon so that we all can proceed further.


    @Monika Bansal -Yesterday only I had talk with Perfecto mobile regarding their Mobile  Automation Demo.


    They are having their  Exclusive Webinar on September 27 on "How to Choose the Right Mobile Testing Solution for Your Enterprise (spotlight on Mobile Testing with QTP)" for which you can register from here-



    They have asked for MQZ members for a special demo.We can just take a look on their demo.


    Moving forward I will contact some other tool vendors also to provide us proper demo and documentation and help which will let us understand their product better.




  • Hi Anurag,

    This is really nice and a good platform to learn new technologies.

    Currently i am testing the mobile applications using manual testing. However i wanted to learn the automation testing for mobile applications. I do have some knowlegde in monkeytalk tool. Please help me in learning the tool.



    Prasad G

  • Thanks Anurag. Happy to be a part of it

  • I've recently submitted a assessment report on automation tools for IOS . monkeyTalk looked a promising candidate because of its cross platform ability. 

    Other than monkeyTalk 
    1.) Robotium for Android 2.)KIF for IOS  look promising because the tests are written in same language as the Native application code. 

  • can i be the part of this webinar ? pl. count me in and forward the details.....




  • When it'll start?

  • Hello Anurag,

    This is really interesting. I am really eager to go forward to the same.....

    I am really very interested to go for automation in wireless Apps. But you know I am not getting a perfect tool to start. I worked on the "SeeTest" trial version but couldn't succeed.  

    Lately I heard about Monkey talk tool, so please let me know is about the same. Should I move with this tool?

    Actually there are so many tools available in the market for automation solution and each has pros and cons. Can anybody suggest me to choose any automation tool....

    Please suggest me so that I can move forward.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Anurag,

    Thats a nice idea, and i missed out for the 1st Demo's from now onwards please add me in the list for future event  Mobile Automation Testing.


    Thank u..

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