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  • @Amrita, Keyboard application is separate from App being tested so Keyboard events will not be recorded by Monkeytalk but if you manage to get the source code of keyboard and make it Monkeytalk enabled then keyboard events will also be recorded !!

  • Hi I am facing an issue where I need to type on real(onscreen) keyboard to enable some elements ? I am struck and freezed. Any help from this group?

  • @hunza basharat that is not latest post see posting date...:)

  • ramakrishna we can not test any application until the monkeytalk lib is embedded in it. 

  • @Lalit Sharma 

    yeah sure simply add .mts file inside your project. 

    You can run the scripts inside the test suits by following commands:

    TearDown: This will run the script after every test

    StartUp: This will run the script before every test

    Test: This will the test script you want to execute.

    All above mentioned Commands can run with both Run and RunWith commands and requires a monkeytalk script.

    For instance if you have a file and you want to create a test suit with this then simply write. Test Run

  • abhineet I would like to add following points in finding of MonkeyTalk:

    ReUsing Scripts



    MonkeyTalk installation for iOS

  • Hi, Can any one help me in creating a test suite in monkey talk .

    I prefer to have initial steps for creating test suite.

    Please provide your valuable suggestions.

    Looking forward for your reply,

  • Is it possible to test apk file using monkey talk without using source code.

  • Is it possible to send a ios/andriod status(pass/fail) report to emails using monkey talk.

  • Hello MonkeyTalk users,

    We are planning on meeting regularly in Bangalore.  Please follow us on to keep informed about the timings and venue.


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On the fly instrumentation of apk getting failed.

Hi,APK instrumentation using MT getting failed, here are logs.System.getProperty("java.home") = C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_40\jreInstrumenting C:\Users\gur33702\Desktop\IPS\Android\test build\ using C:\Users\gur33702\AppData\Local\Temp\tools_AndroidInstrumentor1432014152174\tools\mtagent\monkeytalk-agent.jarUnpacking tools into C:\Users\gur33702\AppData\Local\Temp\tools_AndroidInstrumentor1432014152174\toolsAnalyzing package Step 1 of 2Unbundle started in…

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