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  • Nice sir 

  • iPhone App Test Cases:


    Here i have summarized the basic test case for iPhone apps. Have a look on this and correct/suggest me (Click this link)


  • Native Apps vs Hybrid Apps vs Mobile Apps


    I summarized the stuffs. Have a look on this (Click here)

    correct me in case of wrong.

  • HI all,

    Here i am summarizing the findings of MonkeyTalk, if you guys got something new, update here. It will help others..

    1. Eclipse configuration with Android SDK (Click here)

    2. MonkeyTal: Installation of Agent (Click here)

    3. Writing script in MonkeyTalk (Click here)

    4. Simple Login Script (Click here)

    5. Datadriven Script (Click here)

    6. Passing variable values through driver script (Click here)

    7. Conditional statements (Click here)

    8. Steps to install Android Apps to SD Card (Click here)

    9. Steps to install Android App in Emulator (Click here)

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On the fly instrumentation of apk getting failed.

Hi,APK instrumentation using MT getting failed, here are logs.System.getProperty("java.home") = C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_40\jreInstrumenting C:\Users\gur33702\Desktop\IPS\Android\test build\ using C:\Users\gur33702\AppData\Local\Temp\tools_AndroidInstrumentor1432014152174\tools\mtagent\monkeytalk-agent.jarUnpacking tools into C:\Users\gur33702\AppData\Local\Temp\tools_AndroidInstrumentor1432014152174\toolsAnalyzing package Step 1 of 2Unbundle started in…

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