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I work as a Senior Testing Specialist at TestingXperts. I handled day-to-day operations for all aspects of software testing. With over 7 years of professional experience I know how to build strong connection with the clients and testing capability. Testing plays an important role in the development of new IT programmes and many every day products, like cars and electronic goods.

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6-10 Years

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iPhone6, iPhone 7,iPhone XR,iPhone XS

Alisha Henderson commented on QATestLab's blog post How to Estimate Time and Resources Needed for a Software Testing Process?
"great post with lots of valuable information to take note of. Most of the things you mention I am now doing but there are a couple of things for me to implement. Thanks for sharing.
You can also read my blog https://webtestingservices.blogspot.com/2…"
Oct 10
Alisha Henderson commented on Iryna Chernenko's blog post 5 Memos from Quality Control Companies: How to Become a Successful Test Engineer
"Hey Found your blog through those carnivals and gotta say you produce some excellent articles. I really liked this one for its list of activities.…some of these are repeats but a number of them are new. http://testingxpertsuk.inube.com/blog/8485369…"
Oct 10
Alisha Henderson commented on Iryna Chernenko's blog post Tips from Software Testing Companies: What is Software Testing?
"Nice Sharing..! I have been following you for a couple of months now but this is my first time commenting on a blog post. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. Keep up the good work. Already bookmarked for future reference. Y…"
Oct 9
Alisha Henderson commented on Deepali Singh's event 2 Days workshop on Essentials of Mobile Testing | Bangalore | 16-17 April
"Thank you for the information can you please also tell me that is there any software testing awards happening in which I can participate. Do read this https://testingxpertsuk.doodlekit.com/blog/entry/5574762/top-softwa..."
Oct 9
Alisha Henderson posted a discussion
let’s talk about the different kinds of testing, so you can get a general idea of what someone is talking about when they throw around these terms—which you will hear often in the software development world.This is not an exhaustive list by any mean…
Sep 27
Alisha Henderson replied to Rajeev Tech Expert's discussion What are the key criteria to focus while performing testing for live streaming ?
"Seven Performance Testing Steps
1. Identify the testing environment.
Identify the hardware, software, network configurations and tools available allows the testing team design the test and identify performance testing challenges early. 
2. Identif…"
Sep 27
Alisha Henderson commented on Iryna Chernenko's blog post Software Testing Services: Why Do Testers Enjoy the Using of Test Environment Setup?
"It’s very important information that you have in here..Keep sharing such useful information with us https://testingxperts.blogspot.com/2019/09/top-5-compatibility-test..."
Sep 26
Alisha Henderson replied to Rajeev Tech Expert's discussion Challenges with Big Data Testing
"Each type of data requires different testing method, adapted adequately to the most significant V for it:

Data ingestion testing — applicable to databases, files, and near real-time records. A high priority needs to be given to variety in case of f…"
Sep 26
Alisha Henderson left a comment on Mobile Testing Jobs
"Software testing is a process that helps in evaluating attributes or capabilities of a program or system in order to make sure that it meets all necessary expectations and delivers desired results. The job of a software tester is important because h…"
Sep 25
Alisha Henderson left a comment on Mobile Application Analytic Testing
"Great post! I am actually getting ready to across this information, It's very helpful for this blog. Also great with all of the valuable information you have Keep up the good work you are doing well. You can also read this
Sep 25
Alisha Henderson left a comment on Mobile Security Testing
"Thank you for creating this group and yeah i have an article on software testing. Here is the link
https://www.loopdesk.com/article/36869/what-is-static-software-testing. Hope you find it useful and do share your reviews as well."
Sep 24
Alisha Henderson commented on Anurag Khode's video
"Hello buddy,

Thanks for sharing this video i liked it"
Sep 17
Alisha Henderson left a comment on SOFTWARE TESTING
"Hey all,

Here i am ahsraing an article about software testing e.i. 7 Ways Learning Python Will Improve Your Software Testing and here is the link https://testingxpertsuk.wordpress.com/2019/09/17/7-ways-learning-py... Hope you all find it useful and…"
Sep 17
Alisha Henderson commented on Iryna Chernenko's blog post Benefits & Drawbacks of Outsourcing Software Testing
"Hello buddy,

I feel satisfied to read your blog, you have been delivering a piece of useful & unique information to our vision even you have explained the concept as deep clean without having any uncertainty, keep blogging. Il keep all your points…"
Sep 6
Alisha Henderson replied to Anirudh Anupindi's discussion Difference between emulator and a real device while testing a web browser based application ?
"Hello buddy,
I was very interested in the article, it’s quite inspiring I should admit. I like visiting your site since I always come across interesting articles like this one. Keep sharing such articles
Here I am also sharing an article ho you find…"
Sep 6
Alisha Henderson replied to Sandeep Fofandi's discussion Whis is best Automation Tool. QTP ,Selenium,Jmeter...????
"Acroding to me its Selenium. I have used it and it gives tremendous results but for using this you muist have logical knowledge and also have some handsome understanding of core java.
Selenium test automation
Sep 6

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