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Mindmap: What is Integration Testing

I was just explaining some students yesterday about Integration Testing. It was since so long I taught any batch. As there was lots of confusion among them about this, I created a small Mindmap for them. Sharing that mindmap here. If you want you can reuse it anywhere.

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""Apple has unveiled the  ios 10 at annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2016 earlier. Tonight Apple may announce official launch of iPhone 7 and iOS 10 along with some other announcements.

The new Iphone beta iOS 10 includes dozens of major new features and it  is moving steadily with the development of iOS 10. There are plenty of new features  including upgrades to the siri voice assistant, photos, maps and - my personal favorite - the ton of new ways to interact with friends using the message app. we may find a number of cool features that just about every Apple fan is going to love.

Which devices will run iOS 10?

Any iPhone 5 and newer will run Apple iOS 10 along with most recent ipad. Feature that use 3D touch for pressure sensitivity will only work on the iphone 7.

What features are bundled in iOS 10?

Advanced lock screens:

 iPhone 6S users and those keen to adopt the next iPhone will get the most out of the new system. Users will be able to pop in to notifications from the lock screen and respond quickly to messages without unlocking the phone. iOS 10 gives you a bunch of widgets right on your lock screen so you can do more stuff quickly. Apple iOS seems to have learned from Android and added more value the other lock screen.

Interactive messages with lots of fun

Apple is making bigger emojis that are now three times as large as before, and the keyboard can now identify words you can easily replace with emojis via a single tap on each word.Expressions don't stop there. There'll be bubble effects so you can "say it loud" with a bursting bunch of text, or say something "gently" with slow-to-exist texts. Double tap a bubble to send a reaction.


The biggest change to Siri seems to be that Apple is opening it up to 3rd-party developers. This means that you'll be able to activate non-Apple apps and functions via voice control. This upgrade might help apple join the growing trend of messenger bots. Integrating siri with third party apps like Uber or Open Table might allow ios users to do things like call a cab or make dinner reservations without having to actually open the app. Siri functionality will likely advance on the iphone as well, possibly with the capability to answer phone calls,  play recorded messages and transcribe voice mails.

New keybord help to save your time:

Apple is " introducing Siri intelligence to the keyboard". New keyboard tricks spare your tired, typing hand. Which mainly manifests itself in the use of artificial intelligence and context cues to offer more suitable and relevant suggestions when typing. New keyboard is pretty handy and a genuine time-saver at the moment. it is going to become more proactive at bringing in data from other apps and offering it as part of your responses. Siri can now anticipate what you might want to do or say and suggest information you may need. If someone asks where you are, it will offer your location as a suggested response; if someone asks for a person's email address and iOS thinks it knows who that is, it will suggest the relevant contact details. There will be support for multilingual typing - in other words, not in just one language or another, but in a blend of the two.

“Memories” are Smarter now

Like Key board, Apple is making a big effort to catch up and has been given an injection of artificial intelligence. Photos can draw together linked photos and videos by place, people and time, and automatically create highlight reels and trip mementoes; Apple calls this 'Memories'. Memories is a pretty cool feature for looking back at key points in your life, especially if you have thousands of photos on your phone. If you click on one of the Memories, it takes you to a photo gallery, while also featuring an automatically-created video (with music) at the top. That was definitely the best moment. Good job, Apple. Ios 10 uses facial recognition software to automatically build album of people places and events. To access it, just pull up your Photos app and click "Memories."


Maps gets a new design in iOS 10; which are easier to access for controller like some of the other apps it looked broadly simpler and cleaner. Apple Maps in iOS 10 takes traffic into account dynamically, and offers alternative routes on the fly if traffic makes them preferable. Maps now does more in advance, with the proactive elements we've seen before in iOS coming to the fore. Slide upwards from the bottom of Maps and you get suggested destinations. If you normally go to work at this time, then your workplace will be on there. Another location may be drawn from a calendar appointment for this time.
You can sub-filter when searching for nearby businesses. Fitter for restaurants; then filter for seafood restaurants. And, like many of the other features here, Apple is opening Maps up to developers. Your phone will now automatically tell you exactly where you parked your car with the help of maps. Fortunately, iOS 10 solves this problem by remembering where you parked your car, automatically. Instead of snapping a picture of your surroundings or jotting down GPS coordinates in notes, iOS 10 will remember your car's location anytime you stop at a place other than your home.


As we expected, Apple Music has had a major visual redesign - and to be fair, it looks good. It also gets onscreen lyrics for some songs, although you may have to wait for the lyrics for your favourite song to be added.
Better still, whilst taking Live Photos, your music will continue playing - allowing you to have uninterrupted music sessions.
Everything’s much more clean and navigable, including a new tab for “downloaded music”  and a For You section that provides a new playlist of music Apple thinks you’ll like every single day. Think Spotify Discover, but more frequently updated.


Apple has added subscriptions in News. This recent addition to Apple's stable of pre-installed apps received a complete makeover, with sections that make it easier to find and read content you're interested in.Now there is also a 'Breaking news' notifications from the app. You can toggle the feature from the app's settings and even custom-tune the publications you wish to see push notifications to your device.

 HomeKit & new Home app

And now a bigger one. Apple is getting serious about smart homes and the internet of things, launching a dedicated app, Home, for controlling all the appliances that are compatible with HomeKit. Although there’s not a ton new to say about it, aside from there’s an actual app now, called Home, from which you can control all of your smart home devices that have compatible apps.  If you open up Home, you'll see all your HomeKit-compatible accessories, no matter which company makes them, and you can easily control them all from one hub. Many of these will have 3D Touch shortcuts: you can force-tap and slide on a dimmer app, for instance, to adjust light levels.  Profiles let you perform a bunch of actions with a single tap, such as setting lights, curtains, air conditioning and security when you leave the house or come home. T
There are some really nice features in Home. One is called Scenes, which is effectively a pre-customised set of adjustments across a range of accessories that you can activate with a single tap or Siri command.


Apple barely mentioned the iPad when it spoke about iOS 10, and there aren’t a whole lot of updates for the tablet that haven't come from the phone. You can now have two Safari tabs next to each other, which is handy, and if your iPad mainly stays on the sofa at home then you can use it as a hub to control your HomeKit-enabled tech The all-important but often neglected Phone app gets a single big enhancement: voicemail transcription. iOS will convert speech into text so you can glance through a voicemail without having to listen to it. Will be great if it's accurate enough (and remember that it doesn't need to be that accurate, since you're just trying to get the gist; if it's clearly important, you can just listen to the message).

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Android version names have always been in the name of some sweets/desserts. If you take a look on all android versions you can see lots of desserts all around.

Just have a look:

Android Versions

Source: Wikipedia

Traditionally it was google team which was involved in giving appropriate names to these android versions. However first time ever, google has provided an opportunity and asked users to suggest and submit a  name for its upcoming android release,"Android "N".

For android lovers, google has designed a special page in which you can suggest the name for upcoming android version. What you need to do is just:

Android Name N are done...Now it is up to google Android Team to decide which tasty idea they really loved :)

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cooperation in mobile testing
Our clients need more than a simple testing tool. They need a comprehensive mobile testing solution that covers functionality and performance while keeping up with the latest developments.

(PRWEB) March 30, 2015

This partnership will enable IGATE to increase and expand its client's productivity with a continuous testing process using Experitest's onsite cloud-based architecture, while covering all operating systems and all mobile devices including the newest models.

"As opportunities in mobility continue to expand, mobile applications are becoming more complex to capitalize on them." said Nagasamy Pitchai, SVP and Head of Horizontals at IGATE. “Our clients need more than a simple testing tool. They need a comprehensive mobile testing solution that covers functionality and performance while keeping up with the latest developments.”

"We are thrilled to offer our time-effective mobile-testing solution to businesses throughout North America." explains Tal Barmeir, CEO of Experitest, "With the addition of wearables, specifically smartwatches into the mobile market, enterprises need mobile testing solutions that will expand their scale, but do it in less time so their mobile applications will be of the highest quality, and deploy to market as quickly as possible. SeeTest was developed for that purpose."

About IGATE 
IGATE is a global leader in providing integrated technology and operations-based solutions, headquartered in Bridgewater, New Jersey. As a trusted partner to corporations in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, IGATE provides solutions to clients’ business challenges by leveraging its technology and process capabilities, underwritten by an understanding of domain and industry imperatives. With revenues over US$ 1.27 billion, and a global employee talent capital of over 33,000, IGATE offers productized applications and platforms that provide the necessary competitive and innovation edge to clients across industries, through a combination of speed, agility and imagination.

About Experitest 
Experitest is the world’s leading provider of quality assurance tools for mobile DevOps, including test automation, manual testing, performance testing, load testing and monitoring for mobile applications. Experitest tools support all mobile OS (iOS, Android, WindowsPhone and Blackberry) and integrate into all ALM environments (UFT/QTP, WebDriver (Selenium), Junit, Microsoft Visual Studio and Python)). Experitest's customer base of over 1000 enterprises customers includes 7 of the 10 largest banks worldwide, 3 of 5 top global healthcare companies and 8 of 10 top telecommunication companies in the world. Examples include Barclays, Westpac, Verizon, China Mobile, Orange, Amtrak, Sony, Marvell, Medtronic, Kno, TCS, IBM, Canon, Sky, Microsoft, GlobalLogic, TNT, Hong Kong International Airport and many more.

Experitest is an HP Gold Partner (and its tools are HP certified applications) and a Microsoft VSIP partner (and its tools are Microsoft certified).

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