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Stay Fit with Fitnesse|DoFixture|

I shall introduce to you all with another type of fixture that can be used “DoFixture”. DoFixture is not a part of fitnesse library (fitnesse jar). To implement DoFixture you will have to also download FitLibrary (jar).
What makes you chose DoFixture?

  • Understanding of test cases on wiki pages easy.
  • Using DoFixture we can write descriptive test cases which can be written in plain English and easily understandable.

Continue reading and how to implement DoFixture:


Arvind Verma

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Maven: Working with Dependencies

Maven is a software project management tool which can be used to manage the build, reporting and documentation of the project. It is based on project object model (POM). All maven projects contain a POM file. A POM file is an XML which contain the information about the project, external dependencies, build order and any plug-ins required. We can say that it contains everything required by the project in a centralized location known as POM.

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Stay Fit using FitNesse

FitNesse is an Acceptance testing tool, which can be used by any user to test the health of the application. In FitNesse user have a wiki page to write his test cases and a java class, known as fixture class, to actually test the application.

Read more and start using FitNesse visit:

Feel free to contact for any queries, feedback and suggestions.

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GoConnect is a Mobile application launched by Nokia in partnership with Intuit an US based MNC.This is a SMS based service through which small business units can keep their customers updated. Small business unit owners can send personalized messages to their customers from 1 to all at a time. This application is presently launched in Delhi and Chandigarh and soon it is supposed to be launched all over India.

For more information about the app visit:


Watch the video for GoConnect on Youtube:




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