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By 2029 the share of testing in terms of software development project will reach 40% from current 31%. There is no question whether to test or not. The question is what provider to select and how.

The guide makes a dive into the independent QA and testing service market - the preconditions and ground of its emergence, trends and analysis.

Enclosed as a bonus the rate card for testing services in Central and Eastern Europe - one of the most financially attractive IT outsourcing destinations. Look through the guide to know the rates and plan your project expenses beforehand.

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Central and Eastern European QA Outsourcing

I recommend you to read "Central and Eastern European QA Outsourcing". It is a research about QA Outsourcing from Eastern Europe and there are many interesting facts.

CEE QA companies have pretty fair rates and wide services range. Cloud, security and automation testing are in major trends now. Really interesting information.

The link

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QATESTLAB has been included to TOP 5 software testing companies of 2016 according to the research performed by CLUTCH research agency

September 27, 2016

The analytical agency CLUTCH has recently presented the list of top companies that provides the software testing services. According to the research of software market QATESTLAB is in the TOP 5 QA companies in 2016.

Anton Baranovskiy, Head of Sales Department in QATESTLAB notes:

"We have a clear understanding that QA outsourcing services market is increasingly growing today. Based on the experience of the company QATESTLAB, I can say that the geography of our activity has expanded to 10 more countries. The companies from North America and Western Europe became our key partners and clients".

This is already becoming a good tradition for QATESTLAB: the analytical agency CLUTCH included QATESTLAB in 2015 in the ranking of Top Software Application Testing Firms as a leading QA outsourcing services provider. QATESTLAB submitted its reputation and services level again in 2016, being listed in TOP 5.

The list of companies in the CLUTCH’S research was based on various factors including the qualitative and quantitative ones. The Clutch analysts reviewed the companies’ general experience, presence, position on the software market, the clients’ feedback, the companies updates compared to the previous year, etc.



QATESTLAB is a leading international company offering the full range of software testing services, including software quality consulting, test planning, test execution and software development process improvement.

The company was established in 2005 and through these years has delivered a great number of cost-effective and high-quality products across many different industries such as e-commerce, telecommunications, tourism, government, office facilities industry, etc.


Anton Baranovskiy
Kiev, Ukraine
Voice: +1 (862) 259-2435

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What Is Significant During Software Testing?

As a matter of fact, it is not easy to be good in manual or automated testing.

One should not only be well familiar with the latest tendencies in information technology, devices, operating systems, applications, but also have an analytical mindset, be detail-oriented and sociable. Few people possess all the required qualities, some of them should be developed.

Besides, it is necessary to pay attention not only to software bugs.

software testing company

Important Aspects in Course of a Software Testing Process Are:

  • Users’ needs and demands. Carrying out usability testing, it is necessary to make sure that the application is user-friendly, convenient and satisfies the users’ demands.
  • Negative approach. Negative approach helps to make sure that the system copes with invalid inputs and different strange user behavior. This aspect is vital for security testing.
  • Risk management. Every project involves some risks. Test engineers must determine them, study and find the methods how to mitigate them performing web site testing, desktop testing or mobile testing.
  • Assertion of the discovered errors. Programmers often argue about the logged defects, they may claim that some of the defects are invalid or that they are features of the program. Test engineers must be able to prove and explain why they consider the mentioned issues to be defects.

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Software testing requires at least formal tester’s acquaintance with such types of the remote communication as meetings, bug tracking tools, collective testing tools, online chats, conferences, and webinars.

But let consider the advantages of each of them in more details. The first item – meetings – they should be held at least twice a week for discussing the current issues and questions appearing during the working process. This type of connection is very important because due to it one can significantly reduce the time expenditures and prevent the operating errors.

software testing company 000674

The bug tracking systems and the collective testing tools – rather convenient way of communication. Mobile testing, website testing or desktop testing – the mentioned tools can be involved in any of these types of the quality assurance. Here the testers write (create) tickets and bug reports, and the developers explore each of them, ask questions or leave comments, accept or do not accept the report.

The webinars, online chats, and conferences are also of great use. Such types of testing as, e.g. manual testing or automated testing, really require communications like these, since during their execution there is a necessity of the permanent information exchanging and sometimes even the 24/7 support.

4 Advantages of the Remote Communication Types:

  1. Continual attention to the project;
  2. The reduction of the time expenditures;
  3. Awareness on all stages of the project development;
  4. Productivity and effectiveness.

Remote working requires the full devotion and the testers should be attentive not only to the testing process but to their communication skills too. The quality feedback maintains the productive work and the satisfaction of the client, as well as the performing company.

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Banking software products become more and more popular as they allow the users to perform necessary financial operations in the comfort of their homes and anywhere, where there is the Internet connection.

Banking programs deal with money and sensitive information of many users. Malicious people often try to break in them and steal or damage the users’ money and data. It goes without saying that security is of vital importance for every software product of that kind. So, security testing of a banking application is carried out extremely carefully.

A Banking Program Must Provide Sufficient Security Level That:

  • complies with local and international security standards, such as OWASP;
  • insures that the customers’ data and money are safe.

software testing company

Specialists in manual and automated testing of banking applications proceed to security testing when functional testing and usability testing, localization testing and other non-functional testing types are completed.

Security testing is performed by means of different instruments and manually. The found errors are documented and sent to the development team. Some reports can be generated automatically by means of special instruments.

Test engineers usually include penetration testing in security verification of a banking program.

A banking software product may go into production only when its security level complies with the requirements, and the users’ savings and data are effectively protected.

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The Pain Points of Black Box Testing

White box testing and black box testing differ from each other in the fact that black box testing is performed with the absence of any kind of knowledge about the internal organization of the software.

The external monitoring of the product functionality is the base for its execution. Thus, if a tester has no requirements or specification for the system and also he has no access to the internal code, then black box testing becomes practically the only way to ensure the correct work of the software product.

software testing company 000668

This type of testing has several subtypes: functional testing, non-functional testing, and regression testing. The checking can include the system functions, the usability and the scalability; in the end, all the errors found by the testers and fixed by the developers are retested.

But any type of testing, additionally to its advantages, has several disadvantages, as none of them can cover absolutely all aspects of the system. Black box testing is not an exception.

Unsatisfactory Peculiarities of Black Box Testing:

  • In most cases, the testers should act by guess because of the project configuration gap;
  • By the same reason the challenges with the test cases writing appear;
  • It may happen that the majority of the important elements can remain unchecked and, thus, many severe errors can be missed.
  • There is a great probability that the causes of the found mistake will be not identified.

Regardless of how easy black box testing method may seem at the first sight, sometimes it cannot guarantee the one hundred percent quality as software testing in the whole its range. Thus, it needs to recommend the client, for example, black box testing and white box testing as the fuller package of the quality assurance – it will significantly increase the product chances for success.

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Why Should the Volunteers in Testing Be Rewarded?

If the software testing company often receives big multi-platform projects, surely, the Project Managers can start to consider the idea of volunteers’ engagement for testing.

Sometimes this approach really makes sense and may significantly benefit the project. In most cases, the third-party users are engaged in such types of checking as usability testing and multi-platform testing, but their help may be required also for other processes of the software quality assurance.

software testing company 000665

It also happens that the software testing company quite often goes in for volunteers help and, thus, knows that the more people will test the program the more there is a possibility that the maximum errors number will be discovered. With a view to engage the maximum number of volunteers, the company can provide some kind of rewarding system.

Possible Rewards for Volunteers in Software Testing:

  • Gift certificate. For example, functional testing is executed and those volunteers, who discover the most severe bugs and crashes in the functional, get an opportunity to use the software free of charge after its release or even may get a certain sum of money.
  • General commendation. The statistics prove that the more a person is praised in public, the more motivation he receives for work. Sometimes public apprehension is more important than money reward.
  • Motivation. Some volunteers know that taking part in testing, they cannot count on the money reward. But what makes them work in this case? It happens that the external users work for free for the company or the brand which they truly like. Therefore, the test team can motivate them by the idea that they do a good deed and help the favorite product or the brand to become better.

As a conclusion, one can say that software testing from time to time needs the engagement of third-party users and volunteers, so one should not forget about their encouragement and motive. Introducing the rewarding system for the free-will testers, the company will receive the decent return and the opportunity to continue the effective collaboration with the external audience.

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Should the Software Carry the Load?

Many software companies more and more take care about their product quality because of the high competition in the software market. The problem of the extent of the program strength and endurance raises concerns most of all.

Load testing is used exactly for such purposes – it should be obviously conducted with the terms of special conditions for measuring of the facilities of the specified system. During load testing, a tester imitates of the simultaneous work of a great number of users, and this imitation should continuously affect the system during rather long period of time. 

software testing company 000658

Some new-comer testers often confuse load testing with stress testing or volume testing. But the difference exists. Stress testing is focused on the creation of the ultrahigh pressure in order to understand under which conditions the system is crashed or the software failure takes place. Volume testing checks the program by increasing the data number in order to assure that the software is able to process large volumes of data without errors and loss.

The Questions Which Should Be Raised During Load Testing:

  • Which specified features should a tester follow in order to strictly determine that the system responds fast enough?
  • How to properly set the load size of which the system should undergo?
  • How to determine what productivity under the load will be convenient for the user?
  • Under what loads will the system crash?
  • Is there a necessity to perform some additional work after the execution of load testing, like, for example, reliability testing or performance testing?

In order to conduct load testing of a high quality, it needs to make clear conclusions basing on the questions like these. A tester should remember that his main goal is to ensure the user’s success and convenience but not only to document the errors to be fixed.

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More and more different applications, serving various purposes and making life of their users easier, appear on the market almost every day. The applications promise easy and effortless solutions to everyday problems.

The users often have no idea how much effort it is needed on designing, coding such a program and executing mobile application testing, desktop testing and web site testing.

Among hallmarks of banking software products are large, complex, sophisticated databases. Such databases store and process a lot of sensitive information. So, it is necessary to be sure that they operate as intended.

software testing company

That is why experts in manual and automated testing verify extremely carefully databases of banking programs. Often deep knowledge of databases is required for such checking during software testing.

Databases Check Usually Includes Verification Of:

  • data loading;
  • data integrity;
  • data formats;
  • database rules;
  • stored procedures;
  • database functions;
  • database triggers and so on.

Complex transactions are carried out on different levels of a banking software product, not only in databases. Various transactions are executed in the user interface as well. So, user interface testing of a banking software product is also rather complex and demands special skills and knowledge both in software testing and finances, accounting, economy.

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How to Test a Web Application?

Web-based software products became popular. They require very little space on the client machine, are accessible from any device connected to the Internet and are regularly updated what allows the users to receive the latest data.

Such software products are usually 3-tire, they can be interacted with by means of a web browser. Software testing of a web application or site is complex; the test engineers should consider all the system peculiarities, provide sufficient coverage of all the 3 tires. Web application tires are a web browser, the server, the database server.

Experts in manual and automated testing of web applications know that such products are frequently written in Java, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, ASP, JSP, VBScript, Cold Fusion.

software testing company

The users see only the user interface that is shown in a web browser. All the operations are performed on the server, and the data are stored on the database server.

In Order to Provide High Quality of a Web Application One Should Thoroughly Perform:

  • functional testing;
  • user interface testing;
  • compatibility testing of the application in various browsers;
  • load, performance and stress testing;
  • security testing.

It is necessary to make sure that the system properly processes and stores data under various networking conditions. The user data must be protected from attacks and stored safely.

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There is a misconception that manual testing is a very easy job, and everyone can cope with it. In fact, manual testing requires certain skills without which no task can be performed correctly and efficiently.

It is not a secret that without manual testing there would be no automated testing, so both these areas provide good opportunities for career growth.

software testing company

3 Points That will Help to Build a Career in Software Testing:

  • Practice. One needs to practice in automating tests and not avoid unfamiliar issues; only then one will get the necessary experience. Today there are many test automation technologies specially designed for mobile application testing, desktop testing or web site testing that firstly may look very complicated and confusing, but it shouldn’t be the reason to give up.
  • Confidence. With a little practice, one will feel more confident and not afraid to go further and work harder. Everysoftware testing company is interested in specialists with some experience in manual and automated testing. Therefore, it is necessary not only to determine which type of testing to choose for a career – manual or automated, but also to polish skills in these both directions.
  • The Right Choice. It is wise to have basic skills in various activities, and become a specialist in the chosen field. One should have fundamental knowledge and gradually move to more and more complex tasks. It is necessary to implement new skills wherever it is possible, and the result will soon arrive.

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If you decided to achieve progress in the automation testing field, you would need to move from manual to automated testing. There are no any predetermined strict canons of how to do it, but there are some tips that can help.

Any software testing company can confirm that if a tester clarified for himself the rules and peculiarities of manual testing, he has a chance to move to the field of automation.

software testing company

Those, who used to execute manual tests and want to become automated test engineers, may not know how to start, especially if their current tasks do not assume automation, and there are no requirements for automation at their fingertips.

They may begin with discussing with the project manager advantages of the automating the regression tests.

Here are Some Tips for Novice Automated Test Engineers:

  • At the beginning automation of the uncomplicated repetitive test cases will be the best. The repetitive test cases can be easily found by those, who are good in manual performing of mobile testing, desktop testing and web site testing.
  • Determine the optimal automation tool for the current project. One may do it after searching for information about different types of such instruments on the Internet. If no finances are provided for automated testing tools, one may utilize one of the free instruments, for example, JMeter or Selenium.

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How to Increase Efficiency of Manual Testing?

A test engineer works effectively if he or she can find many critical, serious errors of different  types for a short time performing web site testing, desktop testing or mobile testing.

This skill is important because software development projects often are very limited in time, and time is frequently saved with sacrifice in software testing.

A lot of approaches and methods have been elaborated in order to increase efficiency of manual testing.

software testing company

A Test Engineer will Work More Productively if He or She:

  • carefully studies the program, its structure, peculiarities of functioning, domain before proceeding to usability testing, functional testing, localization testing, etc.;
  • pays due attention to preparation of the tests; writing test cases, one should aim to find serious errors; the test cases must cover in details the main functionality of the program;
  • clearly determines expected results of the tests;
  • provides sufficient and varied test data;
  • prepares different environments for testing in order to test the application in various operating systems, browsers, devices;
  • relies on his or her experience and uses tests that helped to find serious errors during one of the previous projects.

Experienced testers advise also to make breaks in order to take mind off things and relax for a while. Such breaks help to remain cheerful, attentive and concentrated during the whole testing process.

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Every occupation requires certain qualities and knowledge from those, who are involved in it.

It is known that to be good in software testing one must be passionate about information technology, detail-oriented, have some experience in interaction with various software products.

But besides personal qualities and IT knowledge, one should learn a lot of peculiarities in order to carry out mobile testing, desktop testing and web site testing efficiently.

The peculiarities are usually learned in course of manual or automated testing. Experienced test engineers may share their professional knowledge with the beginners. Various trainings, seminars, conferences give a lot of useful information as well.

software testing company

Novice testers frequently have more problems with writing error reports rather than with finding errors during functional testing, usability testing or other testing types.

While Writing an Error Report it is Recommended To:

  1. Pay attention to defect description. It is an important attribute; the programmers rely on it determining nature and root of the defect. If the description is unclear, it is hard for the programmers to understand the essence of the defect and fix it.
  2. Review once or twice the error report before logging it. It is necessary to make sure that all the required error characteristics are described correctly.
  3. Be professional and do not blame the programmers for making software bugs.

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Performing software testing, one must quickly find serious errors. The number of found software bugs per certain amount of time is one of the criteria of evaluation efficiency of a tester’s work.

But it is not enough to discover many defects in course of mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing in order to be a good tester. A professional test engineer must also be skilled in writing clear and informative error reports.

Error Reports Are:

  • results of any load testing, functional testing, security testing and so on;
  • documents that inform the developers about what is wrong in the application and must be corrected;
  • proofs of hard work of the testers.

software testing company

That is why novice testers should pay considerable attention to writing error reports.

Creating Error Reports One Should Follow These Recommendations:

  • dedicate one report to one software bug;
  • write understandable steps to reproduce the defect;
  • indicate actual and expected results of the test;
  • clearly describe the defect and test environment;
  • attach screenshots or video records of the error; it helps the developers to understand the problem better.

Professional error reports are a key to successful testing process. All the testers’ efforts appear to be useless without them.

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Those who are involved in web site testing, desktop testing and mobile application testing are aware that software bugs should be detected as early as possible in the development life cycle. But many people do not fully realize the significance of early error finding.

The earlier a defect is discovered, the less effort, time and costs are needed for fixing it. Besides, finding serious software bugs in the early phases of construction allows testers to get on the right side of the project managers and development team, as they are often upset and angry when a considerable defect is discovered just before the product release.

software testing company

Profitability of a Software Development Process Shows a Great Increase If:

  • Static testing is executed carefully, that is checking of the system code and logic before the software begins actually functioning; automated testing is usually applied during such activities. Experts in software testing claim that it increases efficiency of the testing process many times.
  • Dynamic testing is performed thoroughly after the static one; the latter can determine up to 50% of the program problems in the early phases of the development cycle. The rest of the defects are to be found in course of usability, compatibility, functional testing and other activities assuming interactions with the program, entering data, making requests.

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Why Are Software Testers Always Under Stress?

Information technology is among the fastest developing fields.

Every day devices and applications for them become more and more complex, sophisticated, multifunctional and user-friendly. Such tendency allows the end-users to be demanding and choosy.

At Present a Common Software User Wonders:

  • What program is the most suitable for his or her purposes?
  • What program with the required functions is the most secure?
  • What application with the needed functionality has the best performance capacity?
  • What software producer is the most reputable?
  • What is the cheapest program with the best characteristics?

software testing company

So, modern users want to utilize the best products for minimum price. Such desire is natural and predictable, but it fuels severe competition between software producers on top of everything else.

The existing situation keeps those, who are involved in mobile application testing, desktop testing and web site testing, always under pressure. Project managers are always in a hurry; they want by all means surpass the competitors, make their product superior and available for the users earlier than the others.

Constant hurry leads to overlooking some aspects, deliberate or casual underestimating of risks and allocating less than it should be time on manual and automated testing.

As a result, a software testing company often gives its testers urgent tasks and asks them to work overtime in order to meet the deadline. It’s hard to be under pressure all the time and go on working efficiently. That is why team leads and testers should be able to quickly evaluate the tasks and set priorities. These skills are essential for proper executing any software testing.

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It appears that mobile testing requires more imagination and creativity than desktop testing or web site testing on personal computers. Mobile programs function under various conditions in different environments what is uncharacteristic to desktop software products.

This variety of conditions combinations causes unreproducible defects. That is why unreproducible defects are more frequent in mobile programs than in desktop ones.

mobile application testing

To Understand the Amount of Possible Conditions, One Should Take into Account Combinations of Such Factors:

  • environment conditions, like temperature and lighting;
  • working with the program while walking, sitting somewhere or going by a car;
  • battery level of the device;
  • other applications simultaneously functioning with the tested system on the tablet or smartphone;
  • amount of free memory space on the device;
  • networking conditions;
  • various settings of the tablet or smartphone;
  • user knowledge and experience in working with such applications;
  • user emotions;
  • other conditions.

In order to find causes of unreproducible defects and properly execute mobile application testing one should check its behavior under all possible combinations of conditions. But every software testing company knows that such a task may require too much time, so the testers must choose the most common conditions among all possible variants and execute software testing under them.

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It appears that software testing is an intangible activity. The test engineers’ hard work and creativity are not seen by other project members. All their efforts result only in error reports.

That is why experienced specialists in web site testing, desktop testing and mobile application testing know that it is not enough to quickly find defects in course of compatibility testing, user interface testing, localization testing and other activities. No less important is to write the error reports correctly.

If the report is incomprehensible or unclearly explains how to reproduce the defect, the developers will spend much time on figuring out the defect essence or will not be able to reproduce it.

software testing company

There are a lot of various tools for error tracking and test management that are used in order to simplify and streamline communication between project members and the process of error reporting.

Regardless of the Utilized Error Tracking System an Error Report Must Contain:

  • the name of the reporter;
  • name, version, build number of the tested application;
  • detailed information about the device, operating system, browser and other peculiarities of the test environment;
  • priority, severity and status of the defect;
  • name of the developer or another team member to whom the defect is assigned;
  • short information about the defect;
  • more detailed description of the defect that often includes actual and expected results of the test;
  • clear steps to reproduce the defect;
  • additions in the form of screenshots or video records of the defect that help to understand it better.

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