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Sandy replied to Anurag Khode's discussion How do you Test the Application Update on Android?
"I think -r is meant for "Recursion". Do you think there is some other way to upgrade the app? Test-flight can help I guess"
Jun 20
Sandy replied to Sindhu pandian's discussion Android and IOS Automation Testing in iPhone Automation testing
"Use Appium. The best of all"
Jun 20
Sandy replied to Ravi chandrapal's discussion Appium Framework


<!DOCTYPE suite SYSTEM "http://testng.org/testng-1.0.dtd&quot; >

<suite name="Suite1" verbose="1" >

  <test name="Nopackage" >


       <class name="NoPackageTest" />


Jun 20
Sandy replied to Prabhakaran Sankar's discussion IOS Automation - Using UIAutomation tool in Instruments in iPhone Automation testing
"Go for appium:)"
Jun 20
Sandy replied to Kushal's discussion Screen Flickering issue on iPhone 4/5 device
"Seems to be the issue with your device. Happens with one of my iPods"
Jun 20
Sandy replied to Rajeshwaran Rajendiran's discussion Monkey talk
"Record button gets enabled only if the IDE is connected to the device/emulator with the Monkeytalk enabled app installed. Do check your set up"
Jun 20
Sandy replied to Anurag Khode's discussion Submit Mobile Application Testing Interview Quetions
"Can we have the answers as well with the questions?"
Jun 20
Sandy commented on Muzammil Basha's blog post Interview Question:
"The build cannot be sent to customer without proper testing. Because the first impression will be the best."
Jun 20
Sandy replied to Bhaskar's discussion Performance Tool for Native Android Applications
"Use DDMS. You will get CPU utilization, memory usage, heap info "everything at once"..."
Jun 20
Sandy replied to Abhijit Potdar's discussion How to install app on iphone simulator
"iOS simulator applications will be saved in: /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator/5.0/Applications

Run the app in Xcode for simulator. It will be directly installed in your simulator.
If you don't have Xcode,
1. Ask your d…"
Jun 20
Sandy replied to Ankur Sharma's discussion crash tracking tool for iphone
"Xcode-Organizer is the best tool to get the crash report
Steps: connect the device and launch xcode>>windows>>organizer>>click on Device Logs for the connected device>>You will get the list of logs"
Jun 20

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