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I am QA Enginneer.

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Value labs

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1-3 Years

anitha replied to NageshK's discussion MobileQA 's Share u r Experince
"there is no much difference between the normal test engineer responsibilities and mobile test engineer responsibilities. But the diffrence depend up on your application supporting OS you need to work on the diffrent types of devices.

Need to know t…"
Jun 20
anitha replied to Ratikant Samantray's discussion Discussion real time examples in Android Testing group

Once your app in the live and your developer makes any minor changes then you need to test those minor changes this is Retesting

Regression testing
Regression testing is also same but your also test impacted areas means…"
Jun 20
anitha replied to Ashish's discussion First 10 question asked by an Interviewer?
"1. What is the Difference between Mobile application testing and Mobile web application testing
2. Did you do any security testing on mobile applications
3. What type of issues you get while testing mobile applications
4. What is the difference betw…"
Jun 20
anitha replied to Ruma Dak's discussion Types of Mobile Application
"Utility Apps
Entertainment Apps
Private Apps
Banking Apps"
Jun 20
anitha replied to Anurag Khode's discussion Submit Mobile Application Testing Interview Quetions
"1. What are the different android OS in market and what are technical names for that
2. What are the technical differences between android 2.3.7 OS and 4.0.1  
3. Test cases for Android market
4. What are the things you test if you get a mobile to t…"
Jun 20
anitha commented on Shelly Garg's blog post Hi,<br /> I am a software tester having 2.5 yrs. of exp. I want to switch my career in mobile testing. Currently I am new to it. Please let me know the ways how can I move to this domain, what additional qu
"Try to get the knowledge on different types of devices, OS versions, Platforms.
try to explore the applications in mobiles. It is not that much difficult to testing mobile application just you have some knowledge on device."
Jun 20
anitha replied to sandeep's discussion Can we Use JMeter for Mobile App Performance Testing
"As per My knowledge we can use J meter for Mobile applications also.What type of application it is we only gave URL in Jmeter so we can test mobile web applications using J meter."
Jun 20
anitha replied to Neha Jain's discussion What can be the testing challenges if new mobile device comes to market?
"Device resolutions, OS version, Design changes

If the application support both IOS and Andriod devices then take card of UI and buttons functionality because in IOs devices there is no back butto tp press but in android devices we have option to pr…"
Jun 20
anitha replied to sandeep kumar's discussion Application testing
"Try to work with the application in point of end user you will definitely come across new things. Application should be user friendly and messages should be appropriate.

And also verify the same type of application designing in market."
Jun 20

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