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Arun Francis posted a blog post
CYPRESS :cy("Cypress", () => { Cypress is a next generation front end testing tool built for the modern web and its a JS end2end testing framework. Fast, easy and reliable testing for anything that runs in a browser.E2E Testing Mobile Apps with…
Arun Francis replied to Anand Singh's discussion Android testing framework
"F/w is a 'standard way or structured way' of representing ur process. Its a library that provides a skeleton for your application. It provides generic things that almost all applications need.
Ex:  "Appium+Selenium+Maven+BDD(Cucumber)+TestNG+Data…"
Rajeev Tech Expert replied to Anand Singh's discussion Python Forms
"In software testing services company, Python is trending language preferred by Development as well test automation teams nowadays. In Python, forms can be created by importing Common Gateway Interface (CGI) module for accessing form fields with the…"
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Feb 24
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Feb 23
Rajeev Tech Expert replied to Anand Singh's discussion Simulators and Emulators
"Software program that allows the mobile device to mimic the features of another mobile/computer software is called Emulator.
A software that allows computer to run certain programs for a different operating system is called Simulator. Mostly used…"
Feb 23
Rajeev Tech Expert replied to Anand Singh's discussion Tableau and its features
"Tableau is one of the best data visualization tool and summarize large volume of data very quickly in pictorial form.To understand visual content is always better than content presented only as text which is also known as picture superiority effect.…"
Feb 22
Rajeev Tech Expert replied to Anand Singh's discussion PUT and POST operations
"Software testing services works with the rest APIs handling four HTTP methods i.e. POST, PUT, GET and DELETE Out of these, POST method is to add a record to a collection or list. PUT is idempotent but its responses are not cacheable. PUT method is…"
Feb 19
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