hi once again i am writting on same topic android because people still not aware why we will root the device i mean advantages and disadvantages of rooting.some people think it will effect the device capability like processing speed and other factors.but rooting will increase the processing speed and it doesn't effect the device capability.only u can run not trusted third party application as well as trusted applications.there is no restriction from operators and manifactures.in other way u can say not dependent of app store.The main reason people root their Android device is for freedom and control, and when you root your Android phone or tablet you gain full control over your system and can run it to your liking.How to Root Your Phone/Tablet?To Root your phone you will have to download an application from the internet, the most popular apps are SuperOneClick, Z4Root and Universal AndRoot. The procedure for rooting an Android device varies from device to device as such there are many different device.What are the risks of Rooting?Rooting your phone does come with some risks, the most notable risk is that you will void any warranty that you have on your device. However you may be able to find the stock rom for your device in which case you can reverse the rooting and make your phone stock again. You may have difficulty finding the stock ROM for your device, it all depends on your device, but it’s something worth finding before you do root.Android Operating System: The core operating system is built on top of the Linux kernel. All device resources, like camera functions, GPS data, Bluetooth functions, telephony functions, network connectionsAndroid Market: The Android Market is a collection of services that allow users to discover, install, and purchase applications from their Android device or the web.To start an instance of the emulator from the command line, change to the tools/ folder of the SDK. Enter emulator command like this:emulator -avdThe limitations of the emulator include:•No support for placing or receiving actual phone calls. You can simulate phone calls (placed and received) through the emulator console, however.•No support for USB connections•No support for camera/video capture (input).•No support for device-attached headphones•No support for determining connected state•No support for determining battery charge level and AC charging state•No support for determining SD card insert/eject•No support for Bluetoothso better u can trust on real device developer is using to test the app on emulater to get the result faster and easy to debug his app.but before sending a build to test once tested on real device.thanks sanajay...
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  • how u can write before tried,is it possible.

  • why not try before writting any query,better u will try before any anything...

  • Reverse the rooting and make your phone stock again.now i think u can understand if u have still query pls write..
  • While doing development u need to upload and run the application many times it means application under test,at that time u can upload the application once app is finilised put it in a and app store catlog then people can download the app and play. untrusted app means there are diff-diff app and utility are present net u can download may be it is not safe it will effect your device os.then u have to reinstall the os again.
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