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 i have linked the following links for robotium tutorials ,

Robotium is a test framework created to make it easy to write powerful and robust automatic black-box test cases for Android applications. With the support of Robotium, test case developers can write function, system and acceptance test scenarios, spanning multiple Android activities.
Robotium has full support for Activities, Dialogs, Toasts, Menus and Context Menus.

Robotium provides the following benefits:¶•You can develop powerful test cases, with minimal knowledge of the application under test.
•The framework handles multiple Android activities automatically.
•Minimal time needed to write solid test cases.
•Readability of test cases is greatly improved, compared to standard instrumentation tests.
•Test cases are more robust due to the run-time binding to GUI components.
•Blazing fast test case execution.
•Integrates smoothly with Maven or Ant to run tests as part of continuous integration.

basic Urls :

Download and basic link

beginners group of robotium

Installation and get started

Sample video


Ok Now if you are at fully covered with basics now for covering intermediate and advanced urls

Robotium test methods and code

Robotium Commands

Robotium without apk Source code

android Multi device

Robotium test with jenkins

Some problems and solutions

Robotium -intermediate

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