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Developer vs Tester (fake competition)

Developer vs Tester … a never lasting debate..i know..

Today in lunch table, I faced a weird situation when one of my team members forced me to contribute my thoughts regarding Developers vs Testers; actually they wanted to show that the Developer is betters than the Testers. Their point, whatever I got, was the Developers are more creative, innovative and knowledgeable than the Testers (Developers point) and Testers are more responsible, dedicated and detail oriented (as Testers said). Well they provided a lot of stuffs, examples and evidences to prove them-self right. Ahhh…… again that fake competition.

I tried a lot to let them understand that we cannot judge the Head and Tale in same Coin. Both have their own roles and responsibilities. But the people had childish ego to prove them-selves superior.

I, truly, never understand why such intelligent, capable and talented people fall in such a waste topic to discuss. I mean there is lot of issues, topics are there to discuss of. Why they want to prove themselves perfect? I mean we guys are in same team, on same project and doing the same task so where’s the point of discussing superiority?

At last, I just added few things before leaving the table; the IT industry is like a Football game where Developer, Business analyst etc are the Strikers, Quarterback...and Tester is like Goal Keeper. The whole team plays hard to win the match and I understand even the Development team is concern about the Quality but if Goal Keeper misses a goal, the whole team is going to lose. Even same for the developer as the Developer has his own responsibilities as they must strike a goal otherwise Team will also lose. So where’s the Competition buddy? It’s a Team work dude.

So instead of comparing the foolish things(because both the developer and tester are on the same boat), let unite to build a better world.

Thanks God, whatever I used ever is already developed and tested. :)

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