How to Revolutionize Your Workplace With Mobile Apps

There’s an app for everything nowadays. In recent years, mobile apps have also permeated workplaces. There are several advantages that they bring to businesses of all sizes.

 Improved team productivity

  Better output

  Easier workflow management

  Improved communication between team members

  Better alignment between remote and on-site teams

  Seamless experience between personal and business

  The potential to make workplaces fun

A study by Konica Minolta and Future Workplace reveals that over a third of companies say that custom mobile apps that streamline HR processes will be adopted at their company in the next year and close to a third have already integrated them into their smart office.

Smart offices are organizations that extensively use mobile applications to fill in the communicative gaps between the brands and the customers. And it is not just the communication barrier that’s being broken down. These apps have built an integrated system that not only allows seamless collaboration between all employees at a workplace but also helps to complete projects irrespective of location.

The rise in demand for an effective workplace collaboration system resulted in companies adopting third party collaborative apps like Slack, which also helps to foster communication between employees and other personnel. To further simplify the process of task delegation or task reviews, one can opt for effective workflow management applications like Huddle, etc., that encourage the employees to work more productively.

But how do you drastically increase your employee’s efficiency? The answer is simple. By using workplace collaborative mobile apps. This was soon realized by the companies and they now understand the importance of creating similar experiences for their candidates as well as employees just like they have for their customers. And thus, to deliver appealing experiences to their next-generation employees, they started using third-party apps or custom apps that maximize the employee’s productivity. As a result, workplace apps have gained prominence and proved to be more and more relevant for organizations. In other words, being a ‘smart office’ is a great way to boost employee engagement, productivity, and efficiency. 

In this blog, we’ll introduce you to four apps that can get you started on your journey to becoming a ‘smart office’:

1. Slack

Slack is the first-ever communicative app that revolutionized team communication at the workplace. It transformed the entire collaboration of an organization by enabling its users to not just discuss ideas or update work, but share essential files internally.  This way one need not distract from their work but can be updated with other’s progress at regular intervals.

Simply put,  Slack is the most powerful collaborative application that enables employees to reach anything or anyone at any time. With several options to customize work depending on tasks and members, Slack would serve a great purpose for your team.

2. Work+

Work+ is a unique and intuitive application that suggests alternative places in your local area for you to go and work. Before this, you need to fill in your preferences and criteria so that the application can choose a workplace that best suits your needs. It also allows users to rate and submit a review on the place, which acts as a guide for other members who need similar places. Another interesting feature of Work+ is that it gives the number of hours spent at the location, which is great because it helps you evaluate your work rate and progress.

3. Evernote

Evernote is yet another beautiful application that can be used for both organizations as well as for personal purposes. It allows you to create lists that serve as a guide to execute your plans successfully. This can be shared with your team and present ideas to them. It allows you to sync images, files, notes to your listed activities and work on them strategically.

4. Asana

If you haven’t started using Asana yet, probably you should start using it right now. Asana is a great application that helps your team function efficiently and collaborates effectively. Asana helps you add tasks to projects, assign them to team members with due dates, and add specifications to the tasks. This way everybody is aware of each of their tasks and can set an agenda to fulfill all the tasks.

One can leverage the power of these applications to their fullest to bring in the best results for the organization. Apps like these offer great usability and full integration, which not just increase productivity but also resolves issues related to team collaboration or communication. Companies can also create their own custom mobile application that can incorporate various above features using different available mobile application development platforms. 

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