List of Best 5 Approaches for Mobile Website Testing

Over the years, we have seen a shift of users using more smartphones to conduct research and any other online related activities as compared to using desktops, and this is attributable to the convenience that smartphones offer. You can do most things online from transacting money to shopping to general research and social media. For this reason, mobile traffic has become a critical factor for success for most websites. If your site does not look attractive on mobile devices, then you end up losing out on a lot of potential users who could turn into customers. Before deciding to go live, you should ensure you do custom web development for mobile devices.


The approaches mentioned below will assist you in how to go about it:


Functional Testing



The two first questions you need to ask yourself when testing for functionality are:

  • Do all the features work as they are supposed to?
  • Can the user complete the task successfully without any hitches?

It is very annoying for a user to encounter bugs on your site that makes them not do what they need, this puts them off, and they will leave your website almost immediately. Custom web development will aid in ensuring your website is responsive on mobile devices. A majority of software development companies in india are following the functional testing approach before they make a website live for users.

Performance Testing


Here it is essential to test how your website performs on the mobile device by considering the device’s features such as data consumption, battery duration, space consumption, navigation, network coverage, amongst others. Time is also an essential aspect to consider in this. For example, if your site is consuming a lot of data, users who do not have access to WiFi will opt for other options. It will limit the traffic you get. Therefore, it is crucial to consider these factors.


Visual Testing

This approach ensures that the website generally looks appealing on mobile devices. The information should not be in any way distorted when presented in smaller screens; it should just align and read well. Furthermore, you should also ensure that navigating through the site on a mobile screen is seamless.


Testing Interruption


It is also essential to test the interrupt conditions, that is, the interruptions that occur while other applications run on the background such as an incoming call or outgoing call, incoming text messages amongst other things. When filling forms, some websites refresh the page entirely then the user has to input data again, which is annoying at times.


Security Testing

With advancements in technology also comes improvements in cyber-crime. Security testing must be done to secure the user’s data. Data leakage has caused a lot of loss in businesses and tarnished reputations; therefore, one should not overlook this area at all. The internet is quite wild.


In conclusion, custom web development is how to get your website mobile ready for users. An estimation of 60% of web searches come from mobile devices; therefore, you can see that having a responsive website is not an alternative measure anymore; it is a requirement.

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