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Mobile Testing with Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio is recognized as a free test automation tool which is beneficial in the automation of mobile applications, websites and website services. It boasts of record, playback and manual mode which are beneficial to non-programmers for effective creation of automation test cases.


This tool is suitable for the automation of web services, mobile applications, and web application.

  • Katalon Studio contributes as a free tool, which is introduced by KMS technology.
  • This tool confers record as well as playback ability.
  • It is possible to integrate the tool with qTest, Jenkins, Git, and Jira.
  • This tool offers built-in templates to maintain test cases, object repository, and customized keyboards.
  • This tool offers support to Groovy language and Java.


There is a wide array of reasons why mobile testing service providers use Katalon studio for the conduction of mobile testing. Katalon studio comes with various benefits as follow:

  • The Katalon Studio includes a simple installation and setup. All you need is downloading the perspective package, following the Operating System from the Official website of Katalon Studio, extract it and activate the same with the aid of credentials.
  • This tool offers record and playback feature along with scripting within the manual mode for the creation of test cases. This tool comes with a simple learning curve that enables the manual tester to create the automation tests at ease.
  • Developers with sound programming knowledge and experience can make the best use of Katalon for the creation of test cases in the script mode.
  • The built-in frameworks, templates and integration to Git, Jira, Jenkins features are beneficial in boosting the creation time of the test case. A potential user should focus on the test script's automation.
  • The test result reports of Katalon are intuitive. You can export these result reports to CSV and PDF formats.

Role of Katalon Studio in Test Automation

The automation testing team uses Katalon Studio tool for handling different challenges. This tool makes use of Appium and Selenium libraries. The automation engineer should make sure to configure the tool, following the needs. The test scripts of Katalon covers the different basic functionalities for checking.

 In addition to this, it enables the end-user to integrate the tool with GIT. With the aid of this tool, you will be capable of performing the automation testing, present in mobile and web application.

Katalon Studio has earned a high reputation as a popular tool for mobile testing, created by KMS Technology. This tool comes with Test Automation framework, which is free of cost. This tool is equipped with different built-in libraries, functions, and enriched User Interface, which will be useful to the potential audience to accomplish automation faster and easily.

 This tool offers a helping hand in the automation of mobile application, web-based application, and APIs. Developed on Eclipse top, it provides an opportunity for the potential audience for the conduction of cross-browser testing.

Katalon Studio is recognized to be a popular tool which is useful in the creation of test scenarios, which simulate the workflow for the real business simpler and faster. It is a popular platform which provides the opportunity to run different automated tests for APIs, web interfaces, and mobile application. In addition to this, it offers suitable options for test recording along with analysis reports.

Tips to generate automation test in the Katalon Studio

Here is a list of the ways to generate automation tests in Katalon Studio:

Record and Replay

The Record and Replay mode provides the opportunity to the end-user to produce the tests, by the recording of the script. It is possible to replay it by tapping on the Run button.

Script Mode

The script mode allows the developer, equipped with sound knowledge of programming, to produce test cases. The automation engineer makes use of programming languages such as Java and Groovy for the editing and generation of test scripts.

Manual Mode

Katalon Studio boasts of an assortment of ready-made keywords. Such a mode enables the potential user with little or no knowledge in the program, to conduct testing with the aid of the ready-made keywords.

The modes, as mentioned above, offer the opportunity to the potential audience to edit and add the test case and make preparations of final automated tests.

Katalon Studio is recognized as a popular tool which is useful in the creation of test scenarios, which simulate the workflow for the real business simpler and faster. It is a popular platform which provides the opportunity to run different automated tests for APIs, web interfaces, and mobile application. In addition to this, it offers suitable options for test recording along with analysis reports.

Mobile app testing is referred to a process to verify and validate if the specific application which is created for the smart device can accomplish specific needs of the customer. There are primarily three kinds of mobile app software which include mobile web apps, native apps, and hybrid apps.

Speaking of the software development process, it is a must to conduct mobile application testing before the launch of an application in the market. This specific step assures that the final product is operating properly during the customer experience journey. Mobile testing helps in checking the functionality and quality of the application. In addition to this, it enhances the user engagement of the application effectively.

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The mobile network is growing rapidly. Mobile Software now comprises all types such as from video up to mobile banking apps. We all know that testing mobile app is a rather intricate process.

There are numerous programs and Operating Systems, kinds of testing situations, and many different network connections and carriers in the picture for mobile applications.

Android & iOS are the most popular cellphone operating systems. There are millions of programs designed for these platforms which need to be tested.

What is Mobile Software Testing?

Mobile Software Testing is the method where software developed and designed for mobile devices (smartphones, tablet PCs or telephones ) are analyzed for its functionality, consistency, and usability.

Mobile Testing drops in the following categories:

Functional Testing: Fundamental Kind of Testing used to test functionalities of this program according to requirement specification

Performance testing: Performed for testing customer application performance, server performance, and network functionality

Memory testing: Mobile devices include restricted memory as compared to computers, this Kind of testing is done to Check the enhanced memory usage by an application

Interruption Testing: Employed to check interruption Because of incoming call or SMS, low memory warning, low battery warning etc when running the program

Setup Testing: Setup Testing is used to check for the easy and smooth installation process includes updating and simplifying too

Usability Testing: As always it used to check the efficacy, effectiveness, and satisfaction of application

Categories of Mobile Automation Testing Tools:

  • Greatest Mobile App Testing Tools
  • Cloud-Based Mobile Testing Tools and Services
  • Mobile App Distribution and Crash Reporting Tools for Developers
  • Mobile Performance Testing Tools
  • Mobile Emulators to Test Websites Online on Mobile Devices
  • Mobile Optimization A/B Testing Tool
  • Mobile Defect Logging and Test Management Tool
  • Mobile App Testing Services and Service Providers

Best Mobile Testing Tools 2020

Mobile app testing can be automated or manual. There are several mobile test automation applications utilized for this, maybe not all but a few of them are listed below according to popularity and usage.

Here we go. .

#1) TestComplete Mobile

With TestComplete, it is possible to make and run repeatable and robust UI tests across native or hybrid mobile apps.TestComplete includes support for Android and iOS apparatus.

  • Automate your UI tests on actual mobile devices, virtual machines, or emulators. With TestComplete, there is no requirement to jailbreak your telephone or tablet.
  • Utilize script-free document and replay actions to make automated test scripts or choose from programming languages like Python, VBScript, JScript, or JavaScript.

#2) Ranorex Studio

Ranorex Studio is an all round solution for mobile program testing. Used by over 4,000 companies worldwide, Ranorex Studio is simple for novices using a codeless click-and-go interface and helpful wizards, but powerful for automation specialists with a complete IDE. Supports iOS and Android testing, such as native cellular programs and mobile web apps.

Features include:

  • Reputable object identification, also for web elements with lively IDs.
  • Shareable item repository and reusable code modules for efficient evaluation creation and decreased maintenance.
  • Evaluation on real devices without jailbreaking
  • Run cross-device evaluations in parallel or use Appium WebDriver for cellular web tests
  • Customizable evaluation report with video reporting of test execution -- see what occurred in a test conducted without needing to re-run the test!
  • Integrates with programs such as Jira, Jenkins, TestRail, Git, Travis CI, and more.
  • Website link: Start Your Free 30-Day Trial Of Ranorex Studio

#3) Experitest

Experitest: Accelerate mobile testing cycles and boost the quality of your releases with high-volume automated android testing

  • Produce & implement hundreds of automated tests in parallel to real Android devices in the cloud
  • Easily make your first Appium evaluation
  • Run advanced mobile test automation directly from your IDE
  • Automate any type of application, gesture, and situation
  • Integrate with your CI/CD applications and workflow
  • Automated mobile testing under real-life conditions
  • Incorporate into almost any IDE, testing frame & CI for rapid application delivery
  • Access visual test reports and innovative analytics

#4) Test IO -- Solving Your Mobile Testing Requires

Test IO is a leading SaaS platform for applications crowd testing: the constant testing of web and mobile applications by skilled human testers using actual devices. We understand the issues you will face in rigorously testing quality mobile apps, so let us help.

  • Test on actual devices -- Expand your policy to hundreds of devices, platforms, and real people in real-world conditions. Make sure your software works on iOS, Android, and each OS version.
  • Get feedback from actual people -- Our specialist testers have unbiased and fresh eyes on your goods. Testers find bugs that your internal team might not catch.
  • Release quicker -- Human-powered doesn't mean slow. Remove the QA bottleneck with in-built, flexible testing that scales up with your needs.

#5) Kobiton (iOS And Android Device Cloud)

Kobiton is a portable device cloud system that offers access to real devices for running manual and automated tests on native, net and hybrid Android/iOS apps

  • Constructed on top of this Appium open-source framework
  • Continuously adding the latest hardware and OS updates into the apparatus lab
  • Evaluation across apparatus without script modifications
  • Automatically generated activity logs, commands, screenshots, and metadata allow for faster identification of issues
  • Prepaid minutes of testing period that never expire.

#6) Robotium (Android)

Robotium is an Open-Source library designed specifically for Android UI testing

  • It is an Android test automation framework provides support for hybrid and native apps
  • It's used for automated black box testing for Android program with TestDroid Recorder and utilizes JavaScript to prepare test scripts
  • With the test scripts, in Addition, It enables writing function, user and system acceptance test scenarios
  • System Prerequisites : Android SDK, Eclipse for constructing the Exam project, ADT (Android Development Kit), JDK (Java Development Kit), Latest Robotium Jar file

#7) Calabash (Android and iOS)

Calabash is an automated acceptance testing framework preserved by Xamarin and Calabash consisting and may be contrasted with Selenium Web Driver

  • It's used to perform Automated Functional Testing for cellular native programs
  • It consists of 2 open-source libraries for example you for Android and yet another for iOS for testing hybrid and native apps
  • It may provide the APIs for technical for touch screening encounters
  • It works well with Ruby, Java, .NET, Flex and Several other programming languages

System Requirements:

  • Calabash needs Ruby 2.0, or even higher. OS X Mavericks comes with Ruby 2.0 installed.
  • Calabash does require some knowledge of the bash prompt and Terminal. It will be necessary to update the document ~/.bash_profile.
  • IOS devices should have the Xamarin Test Cloud Agent installed.

#8) Appium (Android and iOS)

  • Appium is an Open-Source instrument for monitoring of native, mobile and net as well as hybrid programs on iOS and Android platform
  • It is good for programs which are written in Android or iOS SDK
  • Appium supports Safari on iOS along with the Rest of the built-in browser programs around Android
  • No need to change any app code for testing as It's suitable to run on Android or iOS using the device or emulator
  • This tool is also used for Automated Functional Testing of Android and iOS mobile apps

#9) MonkeyTalk (Android and iOS)

MonkeyTalk automates functional interactive tests for both Android and iOS apps

  • It is an open-source application consist of three components like IDE, Scripts, and brokers
  • IDE produces test scripts using playback and record, Agent is an evaluation instrumentation library connections with the app and Scripts include keywords, syntax, along with Java execution engines
  • Everything from small"Smoke Tests" to the tough data-driven test suits for indigenous, hybrid and on-line programs

System Requirements:

  • The PC running the MonkeyTalk IDE as well as also the device running the program under test has to be on the same wifi system
  • Eclipse
  • The source code of this program
  • Android SDK

#10) iOS UI Automation(iOS)

IOS UI Automation is Apple's open-source test automation framework specifically for iOS programs

  • helps automate interface tests through test scripts
  • JavaScript programming interface is used to specify actions to be performed on apparatus UI
  • It Doesn't work well with other tools, methodology, and frame as it is a proprietary instrument
  • It helps to reduce behavioural attempts and time needed for software product creation

System Requirements:

  • IOS SDK (4.0+) installed(latest one is recommended)
  • 4.x simulator/device
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