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Project based QA testing training for Beginners

Quality assurance testing includes a range of processes and procedures that work in tandem to ensure that the software being developed meets the intended requirements. It provides the stakeholders with data that assists in taking well-informed decisions.

A career in the field of quality assurance (QA) testing is in demand among beginners and professionals alike. The coveted field has seen a steady growth in the number of takers over the years. Quality Assurance is a domain independent job.  QA testing opens a myriad of opportunities – from being QA testers to becoming QA managers. Committed professionals can become specialists in the field of performance, usability, automation etc. Knowledge of QA testing will also help professionals chart their path in areas like business analysis and pre-sales.  Career options for QA engineers are endless and the opportunities are exciting.

This brings us to the most important question, ‘who should opt for a course in QA testing?’  Anyone with basic computer skills can opt for a career in QA testing; all that is required is a willingness to learn. Professionals from both IT and non-IT backgrounds can pursue a course in QA testing and help themselves achieve a successful career in IT. 

The times are changing and so is the workplace requirement, employers are looking for people with real-world experiences.  Experts believe that factual knowledge of a subject is accentuated by project-based learning methodology. At iiT Workforce, we have adopted project-based learning (PBL) to help learners implement the concepts learned and become better at it. Project-based learning is regarded by experts as the most suitable and student-centred approach to acquiring relevant skills that would stand learners in good stead. 

Our team of education and industry experts have carefully designed the QA testing module to help professionals’ carve-a-niche for themselves in the field of QA testing. The team follows project-based learning methodology as it ensures interactive brainstorming sessions where learners implement and improve their skill sets and become job ready.

Beginners along with gaining factual knowledge of testing will acquire new skills in an environment which closely resembles the real world. The iiT Workforce QA testing course helps learners become a true IT professional and not just a tester. Our QA testing courses allow learners to assess and resolve problems in real-time. They are trained to perform under pressure, effectively utilize the resources and work in a team to attain desired results.

We guarantee that learners are not only well versed with different QA testing methodology but are also able to use the same in real world scenarios. The learners will also imbibe skills like teamwork, problem-solving, research gathering, time management, information synthesizing etc. to prepare them for today's competitive world.

iiT Workforce provides candidates with in-depth insights through specially designed training modules to help them understand the core concepts of QA.  If you are interested in carving a new path for yourself and growing as you learn, the ‘project-based QA testing program’ by iiT Workforce is the one to choose. For more information on how project based QA testing will help you, get in touch with us on


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