Testing is an out-and-out method to get an error-free software. It's a method of validating and formalizing the applications under test and finding bugs, if present. To put it differently, it is a procedure to analyze whether the item meets expectations. Therefore, testing becomes an integral part of quality assurance.

There are quite a few ways of analyzing a software and regression testing is of these.

What's Regression Testing?

In simple words, it's just a repetition of evaluations. It's a type of test that strengthens the workability of the applications by a regenerative process after it's interfaced with other software. In regression testing, you ensure that your developed products operate nicely even after making modifications like alteration in the applications, enhancements, discovering bugs, and optimization.

Is Regression Testing exactly the same as UAT?

No! User Acceptance Testing, or UAT, isn't the same as regression testing. UAT is a conventional waterfall concept that follows a sequential design process, essentially in a top-to-bottom approach. Here, the complete program is designed as a package after numerous tests and finally handed over to the consumer.

Regression testing falls in an agile environment where both the consumer and the programmers are active participants. In regression testing, retests are done on alterations to the software to be certain any new changes that were introduced do not disrupt the activity of formerly working software.

Who Does Regression Testing?

The question is, who will perform this regression testing? It's basically achieved by code testing experts who have knowledge of the programming language used and also can detect and correct any bug in the program under test.


Testing and retesting sounds very simple, however there are a Couple of points to keep in mind while doing regression testing:

Requirement challenges: In the agile surroundings of regression testing, the first challenge encountered is the client's requirement.

Tool choice: For the efficient and excellent functionality of agile, is it necessary is pick the right tool for analyzing; conventional testing tools will not do.

Communication: Communication is a challenge. It is crucial for the whole staff to be collaborative so that they make the essential changes efficiently and get the target on time.

Time-consuming: All agile products should undergo continuous improvement. Consequently, it becomes time-consuming to test the present applications over and over.

Complexity: with each modification, the product gets more complex and testing becomes tedious.

The Need for Regression Testing

Why is regression testing performed, after all? Whenever you develop new applications, you want to inspect it again and again to confirm its functionality. Further, it is mandatory to test your program whenever any new attribute is added for performance without any flaws.

The Way to Do Regression Testing

There are few Straightforward steps you should follow to carry out regression testing:

Identify the need: Once the software is designed, it must be continuously modified according to the essential requirements of their client.

Establish requirements and criteria: Considering that regression relies in an agile environment, a client can send their own requirements called"customer related functionalities," which should be prioritized.

Determine the starting point: In an agile environment, you should be aware of where beginning for an easy and effective test.

Determine the quitting point: like the beginning point, the block line ought to be predetermined.

Merits of Regression Testing

The benefits of this testing process comprise

Regression testing can be achieved using automation tools.

It makes certain that bugs, once debugged, are gone permanently.

It will help improve the quality of the merchandise for a high QA check.

Let's flip the coin and look in its own disadvantages, too:

The application needs to be tested every time new modifications are made to the product and it becomes tedious to check the entire program over and over.

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