Test case for alert after getting crash and hang…

Test case for alert after getting crash and hang…1) Verify that you understand every condition that can cause the alert to display, and that you have test cases for each condition.2) Verify that the alert is in fact needed. For example, if the user can easily undo the action, asking them whether they really want to do it is not necessary.3) Verify that the alert first identifies the problem and then presents the solution. Basically, treat your customers like smart, knowledgeable people and help them understand what the problem is and what they can do about it.4) Auto-recovered its database after crashing and also UI.5) Verify the alert text is correct and appropriate for the situation.6) Verify the alert text is consistent in its wording and style, both to itself as well as to each other alert.7) Verify the alert text is as succinct as possible but no more succinct. Hint: If the alert text is longer than three lines, it's probably too long.8) Verify the alert text contains complete sentences which are properly capitalized and punctuated.9) Verify the alert text does not use abbreviations or acronyms. (Discipline-specific acronyms may be OK, if you are confident that all of your users will know what they mean.)10) Verify the alert text uses the product's name, not pronouns such as "we" or "I".
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