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Top Ten Reasons that Agile Produces Higher Quality

Friendzz , In todays IT world agile plays an vital role.So I posted a blog reg agile and hw it produces higher quality. Also Scrum coincides with agile since its a part of agile methodology.This agile process suits for all sorts of applications and domains.


10. More appropriate distribution of test coverage. Typically, QA gets a big dump of functionality near the end of a release and has to figure out how to best use the time available. That often means that the "most important" new features get very thorough testing and the rest get a "spot check." In an Agile project, test plans and automated tests are created throughout the project and each work item is given the amount of QA resources that is appropriate for it.

9. Because testing is done in the same timeframe as the coding, problems are found earlier.

8. Writing tests early catches requirement and design problems earlier.

7. Because problems are found and fixed faster, there is less chance of the quality of a project being poor for long stretches of time. When there are lots of tests that don’t pass, it is difficult to get accurate feedback on new code. In contrast, code written on a stable base is more likely to be stable itself because there will be accurate and timely feedback on the results of the changes.

6. It is hard to succeed in an Agile environment without automated testing. Automated testing helps to increase the consistency of testing.

5. One effect of short iterations is the evening out of resource demands. That means that testing is done consistently and on a regular basis and there is no need to take shortcuts in contrast to typical development which compresses most of the testing to the end of the process which then requires taking shortcuts due to schedule pressure.

4. More frequent customer input on direction. Part of quality is usability and match of features to needs.

3. More frequent customer input on results. Customers are the ultimate arbiter of quality and their level of expectation is often different than you expect.

2. The Development and QA organizations must be integrated for Agile success. Integrated development and QA is far better than the typical “separation of church and state”.

1. Especially when doing one piece flow, there is significantly more opportunity to detect process problems, diagnose them, try corrective action, and gauge the results of the corrective action.

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  • I don't thing any company used a correct frame of scrum can u tell me how to write a sprint logs and backlogs can client is involve or not if not if is initiate or and set the prority is team is involve to make a schedule in which condition...please explain
  • Thanks tooo :)

    Thanks for sharing Arun, expecting more blog posts from you :)


  • HI vaibhav Scrum best fits for agile other thing coincides with agile and boomed as that of Scrum ......
  • Also in agile your stories (requ) are short that advantage you have while doing the planning.


    Should we start a thread on Agile - Scrum only....I have been working in Agile Scrum from Quite good time so if any one have any questions i will try to answer them to best of my capabilities....

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