Why Mobile SEO Is Important?

The appearance of Smartphones has changed our lives radically. We have developed a huge affection for our mobile devices. They have made it possible to look at our mobile phone as the first thing we do every morning. And the last thing we do at night. We use them for absolutely everything. And this is where the Mobile SEO comes into play and the great importance it has gained in recent times.

Mobile phones have revolutionized the way we use the web, and, therefore, SEO has also changed. Most of the searches we do on the internet are from the mobile. So, we need to know what we must do to make our website appear as high as possible when we search through a smartphone. During app development, ensure you communicate about your mobile SEO strategy with the top software companies.

What is Mobile SEO?

The Mobile SEO is to optimize your website to be compatible for users who access it from mobile phones and tablets. This practice is to find the right way for the resources included in your page to be accessible to the search engines of a smartphone.

58% of the searches carried out in Google are made from a mobile device. This trend is growing faster and faster. According to Google, there are almost 28,000 million more queries made from smartphones than from desktops.

What is Google Mobile First?

The Google Mobile-First index is responsible for classifying search results based only on pages that have only the mobile version. This tool works even when searching from a desktop.

This feature of Google has advantages that you should know:

• If your website is perfectly optimized for mobile devices it appears in the searches without giving any problem.
• Load the resources of your page on all devices.
• The page loads in a much more agile and fast way.
• You can enter internal links and redirects.

In the case of not correctly optimizing the mobile function for your web page, Google will show your page less and will not have as much scope.

There is something that is important and that you should know and is that Google considers "mobile device" only to smartphones. It does not include tablets, because there is already a special category for them. During app development, ensure you communicate about your mobile SEO strategy with the top software companies.

What advantages does Mobile SEO have?

There have been discussions on SEO for mobile for a while and now it's time to look into each of the advantages it can offer us. Pay attention, because this surely interests you.

• Use of Geolocation

In mobile phones, we have a factor that is much more precise than in desktop computers. It's about the location. With a smartphone, we can access the user's location almost perfectly. This allows the information provided by the search engine to be much more accurate, something that will greatly benefit the user. For example, if we are looking for an exact place, from a mobile device, we can know the position in which we are and in this way, know how much distance between us and our destination.

• A mobile device represents a user

From a desktop computer, we can search for information from a user or several users. However, when we perform a search from a mobile device, it is almost always done by a single person. This gives us more detailed information about this person and it will be easier to offer content of interest.

• Greater use

Websites that are optimized for mobile allow you to take better advantage of the access features. For example, the screen formats change from a computer to the screen of a smartphone, they are smaller, this forces us to make more efficient use of space. When we optimize the web pages for mobile devices, we have to take into account another factor and that is that our users will use the reduced keyboard to fill out our forms, perform searches, etc. We have to achieve adequate dimensions so that the person who visits our website feels comfortable and does not encounter difficulties when browsing our website.

Keys for Mobile SEO

These three key points that I am going to tell you next are vital when it comes to optimizing your mobile website. You must take them into account.

• You must tell Google if your page has a mobile format or not. This simplifies the work to Google and helps you show the right content to the users with the search results. It will also provide you with better positioning.
• Check that the resources can be tracked. If the Googlebot does not have access to your page's resources, it will not detect that it is created for a mobile device and will not display it.
• Avoid beginner mistakes. Do not include videos that can be a problem when playing. If your page offers the user a poor experience, its positioning will worsen in a considerable way since Google will display your page less and whoever visits it will probably not return.

As we have seen throughout this post, Mobile SEO is a tool that is entering our lives at lightning speed. Surely you have come to the conclusion that, if you have a website, the best thing you can do is optimize it for smartphones. The mobile SEO strategy can also be integrated into your mobile app by contacting top software companies.

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