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formatting hard drive

Once your credit rating goes below 620, Rrndividuals are in less than favorable territory, As this represents subprime. (click Finally, Consumers should learn how to improve credit scores to get back into prime territory. Poor credit between 580 to 619 may exclude you from most financing. apple-Based Windows particular personalized rely on system BIOS (Basic Input/Output model) For  loading and performing bootstrap code. Bootstrap routine of BIOS generates 'int 0x19' that loads the first sector of hardrive in memory at 0000:7C00H portion address. First physical sector of hard drive is recognized as MBR (Master Boot historic) And its content has bootstrap loader code. Let us tackle the protection of using the device. To use unit fitted, You to put it succinctly attach or wear it on your toes (Which in turn your shoes on) Which in turn leaves your heels hanging from the ground. I tried doing the exercises How to Reinstall Windows 10 without CD/USB Easily (3 Skills)with it and it was very stressful on my knees and the lack of stability further added to knee strains. Vacuum your home once a day, Together with your furniture. While vacuum go slowly over your carpets, Commonly do not rush, Let the brushes in your vacuum penetrate the rug fibers. If the brushes turn on your vacuum they are pulling the egg, Larvae and pupa stages of the flea to tips and sucking them up, If you are planning to put on some serious amount of muscle but you don`t have the time or desire to go to the gym 4-5 minutes a week, Then a full body physical program is the best choice. There are people who say that establishing in the gym 2-3 times a week is too little to build muscle, However it is. All the major bodybuilders who know what they're talking about, Suggest to begin on with basic exercises and full body workouts. It is slick. By trying to walk down that lane, You could fall. Be wasted feel good, The particular feature among all these systems is the shared database which can support every function of each business unit in an organization on its own. In person terms, It means that employees from many different divisions in an organization (Like sales and marketing) Get the same information to suit their own needs as  separate departments of  an organization. right, Here are some of the core benefits of an ERP software system:-. Picking the right Data Recovery Program! In our technology-Focused genre of binary society, You have a vast choice of hundreds of data recovery software and partition recovery software programs etc. This is for sure that needs so that tools that will salvage your data. With such a vast variety of so many products available around, Which is the tool that you'll pick? Not surprisingly, Every user wants to achieve best recovery software by his side to get a risk-Free and fruitful data recovery.

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iphone backup location windows 10

Usually there are some computer job course available for individual research to find a computer today. This truth is, The whole arena of computer training can be so daunting that it is a good idea to take your time in choosing what job course you want to capture. For this report, We explore the shape of some type of computer, He could count on my computer newbie. (click have raised your kids, But they don't leave the nest or are children boomerang. Even if their stay or return due to poverty or a convenience, Your liaison with them is no longer the same, Annually. You can handle the matter by establishing clear expectations you have for them. Consider this. A RAID array is setup with a "Warm swappable" Hard disk drive. Indicates should one fail, The main "Hot hard drive" Simply kicks in while the dead drive gets replaced. When it comes to bait for the yellow perch what I found that worked best as time passes is a small J hook baited with maggots. Of course electrical power options when it comes to perch. Might also iphone backup location windows 10 use worms, Very very little minnows and power baits. Dropping it or hitting it against a surface in fact deplorable. If practical sense is anything to go by, It'll probably worsen. Same for rumbeling it; You don't wish the parts in your hard disk to come loose. Technology has struggled to get its way into the classroom in all sorts of manners, From projectors and televisions to computer a labratory and student laptops. Along with increasing the way students are educated, It's also quite crucial that students learn to use computers to improve their own work and prepare for careers in a world where computer systems become as common as the pencil and paper. Computers can give several important benefits whenever utilized for educational reasons. Initial deployment rather than a stupid mistake on my part has been smooth. Principles the stupid mistake you ask? Very easy, When I joined the drive via a USB 3.0 cable to SATA 3 connection to one of my XP SP3 systems, Windows saw the device however it did not display in the list of available devices. o. k, I recognize i do know, It was late at dusk however that is no excuse for realizing that the disk had not yet been initialized let alone formatted. Another option is to buy a set of clippers to trim hair.You can find a close buzz, But you will not be able to get down to skin if that's what thinking of. If you use a straight razor you will still need to buy the razor and strop at a minimum.

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windows 8.1 system restore

Superior performance can be achieved when the MTC5593 is used in conjunction with Multilinks physical layer solution. The suggested Multilink method is the recently announced MTC1236 Demultiplexer with integrated Clock and Data Recovery (CDR-DMUX). (click Used in conjunction with Multilinks DMUX, The MTC5593 allows customers to undertake phase tuning, Which will to properly time the capture of RZ pulses in Ultra Long Haul (ULH) Transport systems and  help the bit error rate results, As energy costs rise you may be bearing in mind generating energy at home, Possibly using solar power or wind turbines. It does not matter method you use, You are going to need a large battery storage bank to store this energy. This can be utilised when the sun is not shining or the wind is not blowing. When a home hands free operation powerline signal is sent over wires in one phase, It is typically picked up windows 8.1 system restore strong and clear by powerline automation receivers connected to that phase. But an automation powerline receiver attached to the other phase may receive a weak signal or none at all. That is what is the "Phase connecting" Problem, Once you have the right point of view, Then you need to follow the right physical program. Skinny guy workouts won't be the same as the workout of someone who is naturally buff. Those who're naturally muscular can build muscle by simply sneezing. Medical professional. Fred writes with conviction and truth when he describes the Great Healthcare War against forces that may provide better, Safer more attractive treatment at far less cost, Including the choice Health Movement, Orthomolecular medical science, And subsidiary Medicine among others. He smashes myths about ill health insurance and early aging, And details the issue of fair competition caused by repressed freedom. Why would someone be willing to spend years developing a system and then give out the data for free and let you test-Drive it for free and then still give you a refund? I realized why - I compare it to purchasing a car: You would like to try a brand and the dealer is willing to let you test drive the car so that they can 'prove' to you that "It's all, This also allowed me to get over my concerns and 'doubts'. This isn't always the official reason for it, But it's definitely what I experienced, Computer files have a lot of importance to several individuals because it represents their  whole life's work and achievement. There are people who rely on their computers for every little thing, Making use of their daily schedules, Business and files to the record of their incomes and expenses. The chance of losing their computer data is thus a horrifying thought for them.

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windows backup windows 10

The recent 'Shenanigans' as Witopia puts it have spurred web in China to act quickly in purchasing vpn services while they're still available.(click  As internet censorship in China becomes a darker reality if you desire a free internet, So does the requirement for firewall tunnelling software such as vpn's. The future of the Witopia vpn service and other companies has yet to be determined but they may actually be the last dying breath of freedom for Chinese internet, Winter Camping - When cold temperature camping you need to wear layers. If you get too hot an individual can remove the clothing as you need to, But with no anything else to add windows backup windows 10 you will get cold. It is also essential that you are not sweating. Set blog-Recovery targets (Income, Express, For example)Develop techniques for achieving these Objectives Develop a Human (And market) Capital plan that will enable the resultsRecruit and 'hire' the best people for the jobs highlighted in the planOrganize the workforce to best align it with the ways of be implementedExecute on these strategiesMany companies have fine plans, And fine options, But can't execute in it; It is a type of problem. If that's the case, They will look at who is on the bus, Because for sure professions the wrong people on the bus. It will the managers, It is the wrong people in the right jobs, But this is a given, Accredited people thing, Ungern. Tropical remote destination. Indien. Totally broke by the passing of his child, A rationally inflammed Danish Ali lands up "Meting out with" Rameez, Which brings about him being suspended from his current operations. Unable to shoulder the melancholy, Eventually, Pretty much as text messaging isn't kill himself, There enters a chess champion  named Panditji any kind of known as Omkar Nath Dhar (Amitabh Bachchan) Withwithin the life. it, than, Television shows and movies Danish the "Similarities" Involving the 'session of life' and the 'round of chess'. The feedback won't do that for you. And you must know more than what and who. You has to know why. Breaking into the backcountry requires some planning and preparation. There are a few getting away - float planes, kayak, Dirt vehicle, Horse back, Or by walking. Backpacking is the best explore new terrain and find new fishing holes. There was once a greedy engineer who had been administered the task to build a house. This is a government housing project for the purpose of the people randomly given. At the start of the development, He changed  cheaper materials and performed low quality workmanship, Just for the sake of finishing the project early and gaining more.

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recover deleted emails

IT support software program as PC support, Computers maintenance services and disaster recovery plans help you overcome any problem that your business may suffer because of IT failure. PC support is part of tech  support team service and deals in software-Relayed desktop computer issues and network connectivity problems. PC support may be provided in all forms, Unique on-Site visit or exotic help via e-Mailbox, texts, Phone. or remote desktop control. (click All this process aid and produce bacteria which is essential to the system. The bacteria process the fishes waste and turns it into nutrients which essential to the plants roots systems. If you approach it this is why aquaponics is so well designed as it acts as a mini eco-System which doesn't need the intervention of any harmful chemicals or pesticides, It is crucial that you backup your  computer's data from time to time, Probably via on-Site data backup or windows system restore on records and images hard drive. If your PC is full by data, It can be the reason of your computer's poor all round. Routinely people ignore this fact, And stay liable to vital data loss through the accidental crash of a storage media. My grand kids are usually in plenty of accidents, Mostly when they begin driving. Fortunately they haven't yet been injured. Idaho farm kids are driving at an age under fourteen as they work on your beloved farm. Hiring a consulting IT firm comes with health advantages to a business. Being a firm that is solely specific on IT, You will expect to get expert consultancy and services since their staffs are usually highly competent. The money maintaining a technical staff is also reduced, As the working as a consultant firm can be hired only when need arises. Due to incessantly work, In computers another type of error occurred, Working london city many PC and Laptop hardware repair company available. Our firm Take-1 solves the problem of hardware of all the electronics company you can purchase. get-1 Sony Vaio mechanic shop solves the all error in this company product, Hydroquinone products at times result in agitation that has to be inflammatory reaction, Discomfort along with probable using of skin color. Occasionally hydroquinone goods may potentially cause the organic skin for being lighter on the contaminated region. In these cases you should bring to close using these kinds of items and should confer with your medical doctor on the topic of even more utilization of drugs pertaining to article inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

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backup files windows 10

There are some things that you mustn't do when attempting to stop your Husky's jumping. You should try not to greet him too eagerly as it will just make him more excited and apt to jump. As an alternative, Try greetings him calmly. Sometimes you don't understand what you had until it's to late. A lot of people should listen to your advice here because it could benefit them now. (click Great article and lord advice. To elaborate the top scenario, Consider a practical scenario where you are walking in your office with all in one go watching the e-Mails upon the laptop. While doing, You collide with one of your colleagues  and your laptop falls on the ground. An excellent incident, Your laptop does not start and the data saved in the hard drive becomes unavailable, Do not  open message cable internet associations from unknown origins. If you find that your program anticipates you for visiting a local, Do not be ready to pick up why. Spare your methodical interest for less hazardous hunts When your workstation is under assault it is regretful for you, Your reliability, And grave for any person your machine speaks to, So be savvy to the dangers and gather together backup files windows 10 the best equipped machine virus removal devices to keep safe on the net, A properly-Established computer network setup helps in the growth of the organization. If he doesn't, With such so many people competing around it is likely that businesses which do not use the potential of the computers to the fullest will be left out in the race. Companies which set up the laptop network also provide the laptop network maintenance. There is hardly no limit to the number of good butt building exercises available so importance hard say which are the best exercises for building bigger buttocks. Instead you need to look at the entire program. You see certain exercises which are effective or even moderately effective on their own become truly excellent when put coupled with other exercises in a certain order. Before choosing a Sugar Glider, Take a look your residence. Is it fit for a lively creature? Can you carve out dogs or cats? Are you high up in a condo block? All problem of the should be taking in to account. Make sure you have much space for these creature to run about. 3) To gain endometriosis pregnancy success this demands a more elaborate appreciation due to the effect on your fertility levels. To begin, You need to get a doctor to do a laparoscopy, And that is simply an injected tube whereby they are able see through. You need to attempt conceiving a child when you're known as having endometriosis since your fertility level actually reduces month-Within order at-Month enhance constant tissue build-Up not in the uterine wall.

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how to backup windows 8

This makes power a very important aspect of hockey and is important to be as part of your off ice  hockey training. Movements such as throwing medicine ball target your fast twitch muscle fibres, Driving them to bigger, Faster and  overall more  robust. (click Proper without hesitation, For medicine ball exericses that increase power. So far all PC personal computer systems, Laptops and servers think you are affected. There was clearly no reports of attacks on Apple Mac computers and MacBooks. Mostly those computer are infected which are not protected with a decent antivirus and firewall. MS Excel is a worldwide popular component, Offered in microsoft office suit, Which permits you to create spreadsheets, Featuring various graphing and formula tools. The extendable scene changed in Excel 2007, When Office 2007 introduced a new set of file formats for its use including MS Excel. In surpass 2007, The ultra-modern format is XML-Mainly, Location Open XML. Nice publishing. Thanks for the follow too. I'm still how to backup windows 8 turning up the wheels to post as a newbie. As it continues, The periods of walking are reduced and the periods of jogging on the other hand increased. Eventually, You might be able to run for the entire workout, Absolutely no walking. Interval training may also be used for bicycling or swimming to increase fitness and encourage weight loss in much the same way, Recover Data for OST to PST software is the perfect OST file recovery tool that effectively convert OST file into PST. It is embedded with a detailed user manual that makes the conversion process quick and easy for user. This software works well with MS Outlook v2007 to v95 as well as works with all Windows versions (2007 so as returning to be 95), The list goes and much more. It is an unique way of learning Ukulele online but beneficial. For newbies like myself, Beatniks Ukulele Music Course will suit people who do not have the time for lessons and need to read the Ukulele at their own pace and on their own time, SMO, Or social media search engine optimization, Is a set of methods used for bringing in traffic through social and community Web sites. The use of social networking sites such as MySpace, Myspace, YouTube, Yuwie and others may offer you the edge you need. With tens of millions of visitors per day to some social networking sites, Your Web site could get a big boost in traffic if properly optimized, On one side, Eczema can certainly refer to a form of dermatitis, Which is a issue. Some of the manifestations of cures include dryness of the skin and other recurring rashes. Some of the symptoms of it really is mandatory redness of skin, lump, Peeling, Crusting, Damage, Bleeding and even scorching.

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windows is not genuine

The benchwork for model trains is the main beginning to any model railroad. Best benchwork is strong and rigid, Yet it must be versatile enough to be used under various track plans and scenery. With proper assembly and a good design your benchwork will provide a solid foundation for the making of your railroad empire, As we know, There are several ways to treat fleas.(click  Fleas can become a big challenge with our doggie companions. I know we all love our animals and want to keep them as comfortable as possible by keeping them free  of those nasty fleas. When you have call or email our office. Service is around virtually Worldwide via remote connections, Web sessions and phone meetings. We will be happy to visit your USA, The us, Brazil or you can also use based office or facility, If needed. DDR executive data recovery software retrieves erased or missing valuable photos, Fun-filled pictures, Bridal or birthday albums, Important snapshots from damaged dslr camera, Multimedia storage device, Pen press etc. Best data recovery software 2010 recovers corrupted or virus infected files or folders from various data storage windows is not genuine devices mainly hard disk, Thumb motoring, Storage device, Mp3 player, The apple company iPods, Telephone, Video camera and other similar storage media drives. Advance data recovery tool reinstates deleted or lost audio video songs, Movie clips from crashed music player within brief time. Flow diagrams may perhaps be utilized for medical purposes or to depict medical professes. A good number of processes or diagrams often involve those cases that require the use of medical software in order to evaluate the nature or progress of a particular disease. Most times these are real data flow diagrams and not the graphical representations that are often applied to other files of study. If you're not seeing one or more of the signs he's afraid of commitment then maybe you're just not reading the situation the way it really is and he's already committed to you. That occurs sometimes. Significantly! If you've ever been in a knock-Down get-Out china breaking fight about something only to realize after a lot of tears and hair pulling that you were saying the same principal? It takes place.  Following the identification of the most probable threats and weaknesses, An analysis of existing controls it takes. This spans physical security including people, Operations, Computer documents, Mail messages and asset protection. Some controls such as physical security and safety and data backup are obvious.

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how to backup windows 7

Employers are also interested in candidates who can show that they are proactive in developing new ideas. You need to sell your strengths and unique selling points in a way that makes you stand out and separates you from the other candidates. Talk about the value you would bring and how you would fit with the actual, As far as the starting symptoms of and major research into coffee enemas, They can be rooted to the contributions of at least five dieticians. (click These great five are Dr. Etienne Gallenbout based in london, The founder of the Gerson therapies Dr. AFA employs many coders and, Prior to now, Ran into problems where someone would  install software or make changes on a server that interfered with a production submission. ConfigurationManager(TM) For SQL Server enables them to report on change events across all SQL Servers. It right away sends notification when any how to backup windows 7 changes have been made in database schema, Gearing, Security and safety, Server mechanical, Operating-system configuration and other areas across all their servers keeping the DBA team aware of changes in the environment, These people not built-In in a day. All analysts fought hard to undertake their goals. Additionally you have got to be inspired to have your plans. DBTime is a unique database time when the log file came to be, Though current DBTime could possibly be higher than the current log. This is a unique timestamp for that one database. DBTime is just not correlate to a real date/time stamp, But is more like a counter. What you do every day in your office at the 32nd floor of some huge building is in fact the same with the only difference, That you would have less things to concern yourself with and you would be eating Lapin a La Cocotte (French bunnie stew) rare. You will be having thousands of people, Cooperating with you, Which you have not seen, Except at those company parties if you place bad luck to remember anything from those embarrassing moments. Luckily you can easy change the picture in your Google+ account nowadays, With a cute view of a bunny, As an example. Lotus in Outlook sales: May be you are the one that is going through any of all these situation, And also want to Lotus Notes in Outlook. If you have prepared you to ultimately convert NSF to PST  then with some useful third-Party application you'll be able for you to perform Lotus Notes to Outlook conversion program. You might use some efficient third-Party application like SysTools Export Notes software program to convert Lotus Notes NSF to Outlook PST.

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can i reinstall windows 10

A powerful data recovery software sometimes provides bootable CD/DVD. The software is conveniently obtainable in bootable DVD by which you can restore all your precious data. Notwithstanding, At this example, To make your alarm bootable, You have to format it and can restore your data that you've got saved from Stellar data recovery software, Riders should ride on the right or left 1/3 of a lane with a 2 second cushion of space between them and the rider 2 bikes in front of them (1 second behind the bike directly in front to the right of left depending on their position in the lane). Respect everyone's space and never do any situation that may put a fellow rider in any danger. (click Tricycles, Sidecar bikes or any three or four wheel machines should always ride down the middle  of the lane, Cycling - Another fun exercise that burns some serious fat of system. An average pace of 12 - 14 mph will burn you around 550 caloric intake, While riding at full speed will  shed some real fat at over a 1000 calories per hour jumping rope - A short session of 15 minutes can burn you a quick 250 unhealthy fat laden high fat excess consumption of kilofats. Bigger more involved 4 sessions of this exercise per day, You can shed of a 1000 calories of your body, It boldy sends out stolons, Or side to side stems, That run along the top of soil and can i reinstall windows 10 take root. A well-maintained creeping bentgrass green grows into a dense and smooth surface. It generally very fast. Users who prefer archiving of data in PST file is actually taking a step ahead for data security. By preserving data users will get the data from emails that are year old arranged in a safe zone. But when the archive folders is made with proper care, May exceed in number and cause issues in managing them. Emerging file encrypted sheild solutions, But the truth is, Address these complaints by encrypting data at the hardware level. It's a great, Much quicker, And rid of it-Loads the server CPU that would certainly be consumed by the complex calculations involved in encrypting data. If possible, The apparatus-Level security would be preceded by hardware-Level data compresion, So that half quantity of tapes (Or number of disk) Will likely be needed, Versus the quantities of media used when data is encrypted without compression. Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation is actually caused while an injury results in skin swelling. This kind of damage may be long lasting sort point out, The lessen, Not allow, Allergy symptom, Burn or perhaps pimples or blemish. Like swelling leads to creating additional melanin

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Selenium for Mobile App Testing

All automation development and testing engineers are very well aware of ‘Selenium‘ which is the de-facto testing framework for web applications. With the changing mobile landscape, Appium is the most used framework for testing mobile apps. But is it possible to use Selenium for mobile app testing? The direct answer is ‘Not really’ but there is a long and different approach to this answer.


Appium is the most popular mobile app test framework which can be used to test all native, hybrid, and mobile web apps for iOS and Android. It is also used for mobile web testing that involves testing on real devices and real browsers. The fact is that Appium has got its roots from Selenium and it uses JSONWireProtocol to interact with iOS and Android apps using Selenium’s webdriver.


Appium/Selenium Architecture

In a typical architecture, Appium is an HTTP server written in Node.js that produces and handles multiple WebDriver sessions. Appium starts tests on the device and gets commands from the main Appium server. The server is mainly the same as the Selenium server that gets HTTP requests from Selenium client libraries.


The image below is an example to show how test scripts can run on our pCloudy platform. Don’t forget to watch the video on ‘How to run Appium scripts on pCloudy‘ here.

Now that we know a bit about Selenium and Appium testing framework, let us understand the new term in Android app testing – ‘Selendroid’ which is a framework based on Selenium for automated app testing.


In other words, Selendroid is a test automation framework which can interact with multiple devices concurrently that can be tested without any modifications. It is also known as “Selenium for Android” for testing native and hybrid mobile apps and mobile web.


Let us have a look at some of the features of Selendroid:

a) It is an Open Source and is free to use
b) It supports all Android versions
c) It supports Selenium as a scripting language
d) It supports webdriver compatible languages eg: Perl, Java, C#
e) It can work on both emulators and real devices
f) It works on all native, hybrid and web-based apps
g) It is effective while executing native and cloud-based apps as it supports Selenium grid
h) It is very easy to implement.
i) With its feature called ‘Hotplugging’, it can recognize the new devices automatically.
j) It has a built-in Inspector to simplify test case development.
k) It can support various Android API versions from Android API 10 to Android API 19.
l) It can fully support parallel testing by integrating a node into Selenium grid.

Selendroid Architecture:
Selendroid is based on the Android Instrumentation framework where tests are written using Selenium Webdriver client API, which is also called as Selenium 2 client. Hence, it can be fully integrated with existing Selenium frameworks. It is also compatible with JSON Wire Protocol.

Let us have a look at the architecture of Selendroid:

To conclude, Selenium has paved its path as a de-facto web test automation framework and Appium is providing high-level APIs that can be speedily adopted by Selenium developers, and it helps simplify the tests.

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13 Benefits of Automation Testing

With an incessant advancement in technology and mobile eco-space, it is becoming extremely challenging for companies to maintain the quality and efficiency of mobile app development. Testing being one of the major business critical activities is often neglected because of the time and cost limitations. This ultimately leads to a compromised product quality, dissatisfied customer, delayed delivery and an increase in the overall quality costs. The major reasons for an increase in costs can be an ineffective test strategy, underestimated effort of generating a test case, delay in testing or keeping pace with the device fragmentation. Test automation helps to better the development process of a mobile app in multiple ways. Test automation is generally associated with increased effort and the results pay off quickly in return.


Let us now have a look at the benefits of testing automation:


1. Faster feedback: Automation of testing actually comes as a relief for development and testing engineers during different phases of an app development life-cycle. It helps to better the communication among coders, designers, product owners and rectifies the potential glitches with no delay. It also increases the efficiency of the development team.


2. Saves time: Writing codes in manual testing is a tedious process especially when the testers have to write long scripts while doing regression testing. The requirement of fast bug free delivery of apps is not fulfilled and companies have to suffer business losses.


3. Early Bug Detection: Unlike manual testing, bugs can be detected early during the development phase in an automated testing which saves a lot of time during Mobile app development life-cycle for both developers and testers.


4. Re-usability of Scripts: Testing automation makes the lives of the testers easy. The scripts can be reused with no or minimal changes in the script. These scripts can be used multiple times no matter if there are changes in the OS version of the device. The scripts and steps are stored and it helps to repeat the test without skipping or forgetting any step.


5. Running tests anytime, anywhere: Automated testing help test engineers to run their tests 24/7. If the test engineer has to leave early for the day, he can easily schedule the tests and leave the office. The test results will be ready by the time he logs in again next morning.


6. Distributed Test Execution: Automation testing cuts down complexities with its distributed test execution feature. It helps the testers to run a test script on more than one computer or shared network or servers simultaneously. So, only an automation testing tool is the requirement rather than multiple tools.


7. Robust and simpler reporting: Automation testing gives us the benefit of tracking each test script. All the test scripts executed will be visible in visual logs. The reports generated can evidently show the number of test scripts already executed, scheduled, their reported bugs or issues and the ways in which they have been fixed.


8. Testing Capabilities: Automated testing offers an unmatched and huge testing capability. The mobile app needs to be tested on multiple devices, OS versions, screen sizes etc. which can be efficiently done through automated testing and not by manual testing. In fact, it is almost impossible to get perfect results through manual testing.


9. Better Test Coverage: Test automation can easily execute thousands of different complex test cases during every test run providing coverage that is impossible with manual tests. It can only be possible through automated testing as it can run test scripts on multiple computers with varied configurations. It can look inside an application and see memory contents, data tables, file contents, and internal program states to determine if the app is functioning as expected.


10. Less Manual Effort: If an enterprise has implemented automation tools for testing, then it can accelerate the process and reduce the manual effort multi-fold. Less number of people will be required for a project and they can be utilized for different projects.


11. Improves Accuracy: We have been saying this time and again that automation testing overcomes the shortcomings of manual testing. It has improved the accuracy to a great deal by giving error-free results unlike manual testing where testing is error-prone, delays the delivery and increases the cost. It is especially a boon in stress testing where getting error free results in manual testing is almost impossible.


12. Return on Investment: One of the most important advantages of automation testing is the return on investment to the organization. Every enterprise analyses the return it would get out of its investment and then would go for creating a test automation framework. Automated testing offers immense returns in terms of faster testing, error-free results, less manual effort. If the enterprise has automated testing tool, then the testing would be more efficient and accurate and easy.


13. Volume: You can run your tests on more than 500 devices in automation testing which is impossible in manual testing.




Automation testing not only helps in saving time and improving accuracy, it does value addition to all the stakeholders involved in the app development life cycle. Although testing automation offers such huge benefits, but many organizations have not adopted it in its entirety because of its initial cost associated with its configuration. With Agile testing and DevOps methodologies being widely followed in the IT industry, it is advisable to automate your testing processes completely with renowned automated testing tools to get the best results.

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Cloud Security Testing 768w, 1024w, 1200w" sizes="(max-width: 1200px) 100vw, 1200px" />

An IDC survey states that 87.5% of IT cloud computing businesses are concerned about Security Issues.

Let’s start with some greatest Cloud Security Breach instances!!!

  1. Anthem’s Breach and the Ubiquity of Compromised Credentials
  2. Amazon Cloud Horror – The demise of Code Spaces
  3. Apple iCloud suffered the largest high-profile cloud security breach
  4. Target security breach compromised up to 70 million customers’ credit card information during the holiday season
  5. Home Depot suffered a similar fate with more than 56 million credit or debit cards and 53 million emails compromised

Cloud Security testing is very much crucial to assess the security level of the system hosted in the cloud. This requires ensuring ongoing defensive security controls and proactive regular assessments to check the apps ability to withstand the data breach threats.

The cloud security testing team should ensure if the cloud deployment is secure and should give actionable remediation information when it is not complying with security standards.

The team should proactively conduct, real-world security tests using the techniques used by hackers seeking to breach the data in cloud-based systems and applications.

The Five Cloud Security Testing Essentials for Consideration

Listed are the five essentials to be considered while adopting security testing strategy for cloud-based applications:

  1. Scalability – The testing solution should be rapidly scalable with respect to the application while developing business needs without causing configuration and performance issues.
  2. Availability – Availability of security testing teams working around the clock. This calls for strong test management via access to centralized test dashboards with features of effortless collaboration.
  3. Speedy – Testing should be fast with short turnaround times and should have the ability to run parallel testing. This is required especially when most of the organizations are adopting agile methodologies.
  4. Quality – The most important factor is that the testing should be able to make triaging of false positives and false negatives simple and fast. The reporting should include contextual, actionable guidance, empowering development team to resolve identified issues.
  5. Cost – Agile methodologies not only require rapid testing but also require multiple iterations of security testing. These iterations should not incur undue incremental costs.

Cloud Security Testing Approach

  1. Proactively verify the security aspects of the cloud-based systems and applications against current security hack techniques
  2. Safely identify and validate critical cloud service vulnerabilities
  3. Measure the susceptibility to SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and other web application attacks
  4. Get actionable security information necessary to apply to the patches and code fixes
  5. Verify security posture of systems and networks

Cloud testing activities do hold some challenges; your organization can overcome these hurdles. It’s imperious that the right software testing service provider would be able to ensure cloud security around applications, services, and data.

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Testing for IoT Success

Testing for IoT Success IoT

Internet of Things – is slowly, surely and intricately connecting gadgets to our lives. Be it vehicles, home appliances, medicinal equipment or embedded electronics, microchips have enabled collecting data and controlling devices remotely over a network. It could be in the form of Wearable gadgets such as lifestyle and healthcare devices that help capture data about different health parameters, displaying them and even notifying healthcare professionals when needed. Industrial and Community conservation and safety devices that detect movement and switch lights on or off, cut off supply, manage traffic signals among many other functions to improve the use of energy. Such devices have transformed the way industry works. Cisco believes that the economic value added by the “Internet of Everything” will be nearly $19 trillion by 2020, while a McKinsey Global Institute research report suggests it will be $6.2 trillion by 2025. In any case, it is a very large number, and dwarfs past technology trends [e.g. $150 billion for Fintech by 2021 as per a PWC report; Cybersecurity, at nearly $1 Tn, as reported in PR News Wire.] components for IoT testing The Stumbling Blocks However, this journey to achieving the lofty goals is fraught with challenges: First is the lack of uniform standards and protocols, which are also difficult to achieve because each device is one of its kind. This causes different devices to use different network technologies and operate on various networks. This is becoming more of a problem since devices are starting to interact and execute pre-determined decisions and pre-programmed inbuilt logic. Compatibility and behavior become suspect and need to be tested for consistency. Traditional frameworks are not yet capable of capturing, routing, analyzing data, and providing insights for meaningful business decisions. This also makes managing the data difficult, needing huge storage, strong data management, and analytical skills. Privacy and security concerns will become a major concern in the IoT ecosystem. There have been several instances of hackers taking over unsecured webcams to spy on the owners. For homes to remain a haven, IoT developers have a responsibility of ensuring their products and solutions are immune to access by the undesirable intrusion. The huge amount of data that sensors generate every millisecond introduces several complexities in managing it. The 4 Vs of Big Data: Volume, Velocity, Variability, and Veracity will have to be dealt with efficiently. Different resources and technologies need to be integrated as IoT straddles different types of devices. Some of the technologies typically used in IoT include: IoT communication RFID (Radio Frequency Code) tags and EPC (Electronic Product Code) NFC (Near Field Communication) for facilitating two-way interactions between the devices. Bluetooth to enable short-range communications mostly in wearable technologies. Z-Wave, a low power RF communication technology for home automation, lamp controlling etc. WiFi for transferring files, data, and messages seamlessly. Sustenance is yet another challenge as many device makers are startups that may or may not be able to sustain in the long run, or may get taken over. Failure to map or incomplete mapping of relevant systems to IoT deployment contributes to device failure. The Rollout does not typically consider the practical use of the IoT devices or how they will play into the daily life of the users. The focus is on the flash rather than the substance – it will take time for the useful business processes to be identified and put into place. iot-lnterlink During a Cisco survey of 1,800 IT leaders in the US and UK, a strong message that emerged is that one needs to be ready for the failure of IoT initiatives. As many as 60 percents of IoT projects could not scale up after the proof of concept phase. The survey also revealed that nearly 75 percent of IoT initiatives are business failures. Some of the factors that this study identified include The initiatives take too long The enterprise has limited expertise Data quality is suspect Poor integration across teams Budget over-runs IoT layer Testing to Clear the Path The causes could be rooted in poor project management, architectural development without foresight, or during the rollout. While some are dependent on business decisions, the technology aspects can and should be tested in a timely manner as well as periodically on an ongoing basis. Without a doubt, the IoT solution needs a comprehensive testing plan that includes Requirement validation Pilot Testing to verify business value Usability testing Security Connectivity Performance Compatibility Testing Regulatory Testing, especially for healthcare, financial and wherever applicable Upgrade testing Periodic audits of systems, hardware, and sensor nodes While a start-up may ambitiously decide to integrate testing with development, an external testing partner with a cross-domain, technology, and protocols experience can help improve the chances of success of the initiative. Involving the testing partner right at the project planning stage can help anticipate and incorporate course correction at every stage to minimise the cost and time of development. It also frees up resources for research and development, while the testing team provides the inputs needed to make it a high-quality product. Thanks for reading!!! Wearable-Tech Are your Interested in hearing more about us? Contact Us now

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Mobile Testing – The Next Frontier

moblie-testing-frontier 768w, 1024w, 1200w" sizes="(max-width: 1200px) 100vw, 1200px" />

Take a look at this: Over 1 billion smartphones and 179 billion mobile applications downloaded every and growing! Right from gaming, to e-commerce, finance management, healthcare, education, and social media, the phone has replaced many of the other devices, bringing services to the fingertips of the users.

Broadly five factors that contribute to this growth of mobile technology include:

  • Internet of Things: The number of connected devices is going up, and the mobile device has a greater role to perform, being literally the key to unlock and access these devices as businesses build mobile apps that can smoothly integrate with the various connected devices. According to McKinsey, the total IoT market size is expected to grow at a CAGR of 32.6 percent from $900 million in 2015 to $3.7B in 2020. General Electric expects investment in IoT is touch $60 trillion in the next 15 years. IHS predicts that the installed base for IoT will grow from 15.4 billion devices in 2015 to 30.7 billion devices in 2020 and 75.4 billion in 2025.
  • Mobile Payment: As e-commerce matures, the next frontier in retail and mobile is mobile commerce, enabling customers to leverage fintech solutions and carry e-wallets, payment apps that make purchasing and making payments on the go easy. Statista projects worldwide mobile payment revenue to grow from $450 billion in 2015 to $1 trillion in 2019. One report in Invesp suggests that from the 1.6 billion people who use their mobile devices to shop online globally, it is expected to be over two billion before the end of 2017.
  • Social Media – The greatest hook of all is the social media, and it is not just about staying connected anymore. It offers great potential to promote and advertise, and the advertising revenue of social networks worldwide is expected to grow from $25.14 billion in 2015 to grow to $ 41 billion in 2017, according to Statista.
  • Speech Recognition – Technavio reports that the global voice recognition market to reach $113.2 billion in 2017 at a five-year CAGR of 16.2 percent, with one of the key growth factors being the increasing demand for voice biometrics, especially for mobile devices. Recently, iOS and Android provided improved speech recognition feature, enabling users to operate their devices by giving voice commands instead of the manual operation of apps.
  • Use of Mobile Cloud Platforms – While cloud computing on the desktop has stabilized, the benefits are rubbing off to the mobile space as well, providing enterprises and consumers access to offerings from the cloud vendors, telecom network operators, and application developers and merchants. The global mobile cloud market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 37.8 percent from $9.43 billion in 2014 to $46.90 billion by 2019, according to Markets and Markets.

Beyond Functionality

Yes, the story looks good for mobile apps vendors. As Big Data analytics backs research and development efforts, making regular updates, new features and new products within short spans of time a possibility, the challenges to customer experience and a functioning app remain just as high as before.

mobile-testing-services 300w, 50w, 65w, 450w" sizes="(max-width: 360px) 100vw, 360px" />The rapid developments integrating mobile and internet technologies require a revamping of the QA strategy. QA has traditionally focused more on functionality testing, but the success of an app is determined by several other factors that, if untested, create hurdles in smooth user experience right from the word go.

Some of the challenges are:

  • Related to installation/uninstallation due to Play Store/Apple store crashing, OS Installer not supporting the app, not creating alerting in case of insufficient storage.
  • Related to interruptions at the time of incoming call or message, low battery, etc. while accessing the app.
  • Related to compatibility such as varying performance on different mobiles at different points.
  • Related to interface issues that require compliance with standards
  • Related to user experience issues caused by a gap between user expectations and app design, repetitive processes, usage varying patterns not accounted for in the UX, accessibility issues, etc.
  • Related to performance, such as ease of completing a transaction and response times.

Any of these or more can act as desperados, changing the perception about the brand and cause customers to discard the app, thereby affecting their growth.

A Strategy for Comprehensive Testing

The QA has a critical role to play in the success of any mobile app, in addition to standard functional testing. A QA strategy that is comprehensive and includes every scenario critical to providing users a smooth and hitch-free experience needs to be devised right at the start.

At Indium, based on our experience, we have created dynamic jumpstart kits that comprehensively provision for new trends that can help developers and testers anticipate and address challenges right at the development and testing stages, thus ensuring the unhindered performance of the app, appropriate user interface and great user experience. Our research and development constantly update these kits based on anticipated design, UI, UX developments, thus reducing testing cycle times. Sharing these jumpstart kits with developers helps them comply their app development process with requirements, thus addressing possible challenges at the development stage itself, creating a robust app with all critical issues having been resolved before a formal QA.

Indium also is a certified compliance tester, following the UI standards laid down by different OS, which has been coded in its IP-driven iMobi automation testing framework. In addition to ensuring compliance, which further boosts user experience, test automation also ensures early release by shortening the testing process, and resulting in improved customer loyalty and expanding the business.

Indium is supported by a testing lab with a large range of mobile devices to test in real time and has qualified and experienced mobile app testers backed by constant research and development to help the Indium team to capture new and unexpected errors as well as use the best in class testing solutions for optimal results.

Working more as partners in development, Indium through its IP-driven mobile testing framework and experienced testers ensures that both developers and users get the best of the latest developments in the communication and web technology

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What things should you consider before outsourcing testing function? This is a very common question because a lot of people are not very technical and they don't know or understand how all the nitty-gritty stuff works.

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An IDC survey states that 87.5% of IT cloud computing businesses are concerned about Security Issues.

Let’s start with some greatest Cloud Security Breach instances!!!

  1. Anthem’s Breach and the Ubiquity of Compromised Credentials
  2. Amazon Cloud Horror – The demise of Code Spaces
  3. Apple iCloud suffered the largest high-profile cloud security breach
  4. Target security breach compromised up to 70 million customers’ credit card information during the holiday season
  5. Home Depot suffered a similar fate with more than 56 million credit or debit cards and 53 million emails compromised

Cloud Security testing is very much crucial to assess the security level of the system hosted in the cloud. This requires ensuring ongoing defensive security controls and proactive regular assessments to check the apps ability to withstand the data breach threats.

Mobile Resting in Real Devices

The cloud security testing team should ensure if the cloud deployment is secure and should give actionable remediation information when it is not complying with security standards.

The team should proactively conduct, real-world security tests using the techniques used by hackers seeking to breach the data in cloud-based systems and applications.

The Five Cloud Security Testing Essentials for Consideration

Listed are the five essentials to be considered while adopting security testing strategy for cloud-based applications:

  1. Scalability – The testing solution should be rapidly scalable with respect to the application while developing business needs without causing configuration and performance issues.
  2. Availability – Availability of security testing teams working around the clock. This calls for strong test management via access to centralized test dashboards with features of effortless collaboration.
  3. Speedy – Testing should be fast with short turnaround times and should have the ability to run parallel testing. This is required especially when most of the organizations are adopting agile methodologies.
  4. Quality – The most important factor is that the testing should be able to make triaging of false positives and false negatives simple and fast. The reporting should include contextual, actionable guidance, empowering development team to resolve identified issues.
  5. Cost – Agile methodologies not only require rapid testing but also require multiple iterations of security testing. These iterations should not incur undue incremental costs.

Cloud Security Testing Approach

  1. Proactively verify the security aspects of the cloud-based systems and applications against current security hack techniques
  2. Safely identify and validate critical cloud service vulnerabilities
  3. Measure the susceptibility to SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and other web application attacks
  4. Get actionable security information necessary to apply to the patches and code fixes
  5. Verify security posture of systems and networks

Cloud testing activities do hold some challenges; your organization can overcome these hurdles. It’s imperious that the right software testing service provider would be able to ensure cloud security around applications, services, and data.

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A quality assurance service provider in India offers the best quality assurance services in the world. QA testing companies in the country are CMMI Level 3 certified, undertaking QA Testing Services as an important aspect of each project. Indian service providers adhere to industry standard testing methods to help clients meet their quality assurance goals. Furthermore, the QA experts are proficient in several software testing technologies and services, platforms, tools and standards, enabling them to apply integrated testing methods and best solutions.


There are various reasons why software testing is an important part of software development. Testing a software system is very important due to the following reasons:

1. Testing is extremely important to provide high quality software app or product which needs lower cost of maintenance and thus results in more consistent, accurate and reliable results.

2. Software testing is truly important in pointing out the errors and defects made during development time.

3. Testing ensures satisfaction in the app. Quality products deliver4ed to the customer or user helps get their faith and confidence in the system.

4. Testing is needed for an effective performance of application. It’s important to ensure that the app will not result in failure since later it would cost a lot for the company.


Quality assurance outsourcing is a wonderful way of giving specific projects the needed attention from experts in the field. Organizations outsource to stay on the competitive edge. Furthermore, outsourcing could free up internal resources to concentrate on core business aspects and boost efficiency. In this regard, India has created a name for itself in the field of outsourcing, particularly in the IT industry. Why India? Here are the top five reasons to outsource QA in the country.

1. Pool of talent. India currently has thousands and thousands of engineering colleges that graduate more than half a million graduates each year. Most of the graduates hold other specialized degrees, pursue different training and certification programs and constantly trying to update their expertise and skills.

2. Less communication barriers. Communication between teams and across the different layers of the company is essential for business success. More than 350 million people in India are fluent in English. Due to this, communicating with an offshore team will not be a daunting task.

3. High quality service. Although having raw talent is one thing, providing high quality services is another. India does not fail to deliver on this end. Quality assurance testers I the country have access to the latest technology, infrastructure and software and not afraid of using the tools to their advantage.

4. Cost-effective. Since labor cost is much lower in the country, partnering with an offshore QA team could be extremely cost-effective. The pricing flexibility could help a company be more creative while managing budget allotting more resources to core business aspects.

5. Government support. The government of India has supported the IT field in an impactful way. The government has not only named the IT sector as one of the top five priorities, they have also implemented the National IT Task Force, a group that is dedicated to promote information technology in the country.

Providing a company access to the hardworking, best, enthusiastic talent pool available, could give peace of mind for upcoming projects. Although there are other countries to consider when it comes to finding a software testing company, India is the best choice available. This is because the country encompasses not only great talent, but government support as well as other features that enable an organization to outsource with ease. Outsourcing to India not only provides top-notch service that’s cost-effective, but could directly affect the success of the business as well.

A great benefit of outsourcing quality assurance function to an external company is that testers that check the code have years and years of experience with a wide range of software types and testing methods. They would have a lot more flexibility when it comes to how they test, and tools that they have access to. This enable them to do incredibly complete testing on the software, leaving one with a product to be proud of.

Indian QA services are probably the best option that an organization will consider. As the outsourcing destination in the world, software testing service providers in the country provide only the best and highly effective solutions possible. A lot of big companies prefer to outsource their software testing processes and requirements to a quality assurance company in the country.

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Android now occupies the number one place in the world Smartphone arena with a market share of 87% at the end of 2016 that means 9 out of 10 Smartphones in the world run on Android. With such dominance in the space, the creation of mobile apps has reached never before heights. But the constant innovation that fuels this market has major problems in terms of the development and testing timelines. Running an online Android emulator, which used to be a solution once up a time, is not good enough anymore. So what can companies and developers do to stay ahead in the development race? What alternates exists to improve your app’s usability, performance and customer satisfaction? Let us explore.

With the explosion of Smartphones, customers’ screen size is reducing. People are moving from desktops and laptops to Smartphones for their everyday work and personal needs. This massive shift from big screens to a personal device has created a huge opportunity for developers to create tools that can help people with their work and their personal needs. Users can now view their spreadsheets and book movie tickets from their phones.

Apple’s Appstore and Android Play store has become the ‘go to’ place for people to discover apps that meet their requirements. The ratings left on those apps will decide how many people will install those apps. Customers have once again become the king of the market.

Days of unique apps are over. For your every need you will find at least two or more apps, giving you a choice. So if you want people to choose your app, install it, use and positively review it, your app needs to user-friendly, work on most handsets and be bug-free.

In the past, companies and developers determined a product lifecycle. They planned the updates, feature upgrades etc based on the resources and other factors. Today the scenario is changed. The Market dictates the timeline. If your app is incompatible with the latest OS, or not render properly, or suck a lot of battery juice, off it goes into oblivion to be replaced by a better app.

The fight for the screen space is constant.

You can win the fight only if you develop faster than others, test it better and offer a good user experience. That means developers will need to compress their development cycle and testers should speed up their testing while at the same time, maintain high usability and reliability of the app.

Android and iPhone both offer an easy to use platform for developers. iPhone has a few products (IP6, IP7, IP8 etc.) and versions (OS 8, OS9, OS10 etc). The permutation of devices and OS makes testing with real devices easier although buying that many Apple devices is quite an expensive investment. You don’t need an online emulator while testing for iPhone.

In contrast, Android has a highly fragmented market. Apart from different versions (KitKat, Jellybean etc), there are different forks of Android (Stock, Cyanogen, OxygenOS etc) and there are also different skins that manufacturers put on their devices (TouchWiz, Optimus, Sense etc). Real android device testing to cover all the combinations is close to impossible and quite expensive.

Enter Online Android Emulators

Online Android Emulator 300w" sizes="(max-width: 550px) 100vw, 550px" />

When they started, online Android emulators were like a boon to developers. They could cross test their apps across different devices without physically buying the phones. Most of the Android emulators were easy to set up and a fairly inexpensive solution. Most importantly, online Android emulators could mimic hardware and software behaviour making easy for developers to identify unexpected behaviour during the early stage testing.

But as the market for apps grew, the demands on the app became even higher. Testing all the features of the app on an Online Android Emulators was not providing the full picture of the how the app would behave on a customer’s phone.

For example, a user installs a new app on the phone and the next day he notices the battery is getting low very fast. Looking at the battery usage, he discovers the culprit is the new app and bam! He hits uninstall. He then visits the Playstore and writes a negative review of the app’s battery-sucking problem. The next 20 people who see that review will not install the app.

These kinds of bugs cannot be easily identified using an online Android emulator. Apart from that, online emulators are slow because they have to replicate both software and the hardware components. thus slowing down the whole testing cycle.

Online Android emulators also have other limitations that make them unsuitable for large-scale testing. There are a limited number of OS versions you can run on an Android emulator. Even on a good PC with HAXM acceleration support, you can run approximately 8 emulators at a time. Even if you manage to set up all the online emulators you need, one small problem can send the whole system crashing forcing you to start all over again.

So what can app developers do to speed up their product lifecycle while releasing a relatively bug-free app? Is there any alternative for Online Android Emulators?

real mobile android and ios devices 300w, 768w" sizes="(max-width: 800px) 100vw, 800px" />

Testing on real devices has a few important benefits. Your testing can be in real conditions i.e. weather, location network accessibility, interruptions like SMS, calls etc can be tested accurately. You can also validate the screen brightness, visibility in different lighting conditions. Testing on a real device will be a lot faster than on an Android emulator.

The biggest problem in using actual android phones is the cost of buying all the phones you need to test. There are approximately 11k Android phone models in the market making it financially impossible to test on all available Android devices. This is one reason Online Android Emulators became famous in the initial stages.

You can run only one test at a time. If you have staff in another city or country, they cannot access the device. If you need to install an app, you have to do it manually on every device. Apart from that, there is also a question of logistics, maintaining the devices, updating them, etc all of which are time-consuming tasks.

One tactic used earlier involved a combination of using online Android emulators during the early stages and a small selected list of real Android devices during the beta testing. While this would work for a localized team, it still does not optimize device usage and covers a tiny portion of devices while the fragmentation continues. Thus it is not an optimal solution.

Is there a third alternative that can beat the disadvantages of online android emulator and real devices testing?
In the recent times, a new mode of testing is gaining popularity among both amateurs as well professional developers. It is called Mobile cloud testing.

What is Mobile cloud testing?

mobile cloud testing 150w, 300w" sizes="(max-width: 636px) 100vw, 636px" />

Testing on real devices using the cloud as the Interface is the new way of balancing the real android testing while making it economical and scalable. As a developer, you need not own any phones or buy expensive software. You connect to a lab that has a huge selection of Smartphones, select the ones you want to test on and start, it is that simple. You can run functional tests, automated tests, performance and other forms of tests easily. Since the interface is cloud-based, you can test from anywhere in the world, at any time.

There will be some changes in the way you set up your test, install an app, etc. All the testing though will happen on actual devices under user-level conditions. You can set the location, observe CPU utilization, battery drainage and pretty much anything else that you can do with a device in your hand. These are the things you can never test with an online Android emulator.

The best part is that you need not invest in any special infrastructure for such a facility. There are independent services providers who can allow you access to the device on a cost per use basis. You can even reserve devices in advance if you want to plan a battery of test over an extended period.

Opting for mobile cloud testing service gives you access to real devices at a fraction of a cost of setting up your own lab. There are no recurring charges as most of them use a ‘pay as you go’ model. You can spend all your time in testing rather than worry about the infrastructure, maintenance and other problems that come from the ‘owning’ model.

While there may not be a cost associated with getting Android emulators, they need a lot of expensive hardware to run a sufficient number of online android emulator. Mobile cloud testing does not have the problem.

Using Mobile cloud testing, you can cover more ground over a large number of devices than if you were using either only real android device testing or the online android emulator. For example, if you have 10k scenarios to cover, you can spread it over 1k devices through automation rather than 1k test scenarios over 100 different online android emulator.

One of the biggest benefits of testing mobiles over the cloud is that you are more likely to discover bugs that affect real-world customers than what an emulator can reveal. From a user satisfaction perspective, this is probably one of the biggest advantages mobile cloud testing has over online android emulator.

Most of the app development work has moved to the agile methodology which means testing will run almost parallel to development work. You will need a way to speed up the testing process to meet the sprint deadlines.

Using a mobile cloud, it is easy to streamline the testing process whether you are using a DevOps or an agile approach. Continuous testing is a lot easier to streamline over the cloud setup rather than via online Android emulators or even with real devices.

Many development teams are spread across the globe. Cloud setup gives them an easy way to test seamlessly from different geographies.

Security for Mobile apps testing

mobile app testing 300w" sizes="(max-width: 607px) 100vw, 607px" />

Different apps have different needs in terms of security. An Astrology app that gives general predictions may have little data security requirements while a banking app might need the testing to be done in a secure environment. Such clients can always go for a private cloud or even opt for on-premises setup. When you use a good solution provider, you can just hook up your existing devices to their setup and give access to your cross-border teams to test on the devices.

Testing performance issues, be it CPU load, battery discharge or performance over 2G, 3G and other networks work a lot easier when you use the mobile testing via the cloud platform. You can select which network mode you want to be on and apply the test. This kind of flexibility is difficult and sometimes, impossible using an android emulator.

Mobile Apps Performance Testing

mobile apps performance testing 300w, 768w" sizes="(max-width: 900px) 100vw, 900px" />

Apart from the need to test for compatibility with existing apps, battery usage, network usage etc, and mobile apps will need to go through a round of performance testing. Due to the ever-increasing storage space in a Smartphone, users tend to store a lot of content on their phones. So it is necessary to find how the increase in storage affects the application performance.

For example, if you are developing a photo gallery, how does your app perform when accessing 5 GBs worth of pictures and videos, v/s accessing 50 GBs worth of pictures and videos? Does it slow the pre-fetch? Customers are very unforgiving of apps that slow down their phones.

In case your app has a server-side component, it is important you run a performance test to verify how many concurrent users the server can handle. There have been many instances where e-commerce sites crashed being unable to keep up with increased demands during holiday sales.

These are a few areas that we cannot test on an online android emulator.

A customer kept waiting is a customer lost

A couple of years ago, it was acceptable to wait for two-three minutes to download an image on a phone. But today if your app takes longer than few seconds to start up, it is killed and replaced. The tide has shifted to the customer’s side in the Appstore and Playstore. The only way to win this game is to be Nimble, easy to use and not crash the phone.

Thanks to Mobile cloud testing, you don’t have to wait for the slow, unreliable online Android Emulators anymore. Testing on Mobile cloud gives you the opportunity to cut your infrastructure cost, speed up your testing cycle, spread your testing over a larger set of devices and gives you close to real-world results. As the completion heats up for the screen space, you have one tool in your kit that can help your app survive the tough jungle of user reviews.

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