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A Story of Mob Programming, Testing, and Everything - Elisabeth (Lisi) Hocke
Hacker Mindset Before Toolset - Santhosh Tuppad
UX and an Agile Development Process - Ashley Janelle
How To Lead a Remote Team - Cam Perry
¡Claudia Badell te cuenta sobre los Agile Testing Days!
Testing in Modern Times:A Story About Quality & Value - Huib Schoots
Jan Jaap Cannegieter about #AgileTD 2020
¡Federico Toledo te invita al #AgileTD Online Conferencia!
Toyer Mamoojee about #AgileTD 2020
Quality Processes in an Agile Environment - Janet Gregory & Lisa Crispin
Faiza Yousuf about #AgileTD 2020
Gitte Klitgaard about #AgileTD 2020
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